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Stay Out Of IRS Quicksand

On the IRS Targets Yanks on Canada thread, Hazy 2 compares IRS efforts to suck us into their quicksand to old adventure movies where unsuspecting folks get pulled into quicksand and disappear.
It does seem that’s what IRS is trying to do.  But, we need to understand how quicksand really works.  The following information is from  Science: How Stuff Works:

With quicksand, the more you struggle in it the faster you will sink. If you just relax, your body will float in it because your body is less dense than the quicksand.
How many times have you watched a movie where the hero is sucked down into a pit of quicksand, only to be saved at the last minute by grabbing a nearby tree branch and pulling himself out?
If you believed what you saw in movies, you might think that quicksand is a living creature that can suck you down into a bottomless pit, never to be heard from again. But no — the actual properties of quicksand are not quite those portrayed in the movies.
Quicksand is not quite the fearsome force of nature that you sometimes see on the big screen. In fact, the treacherous grit is rarely deeper than a few feet.
It can occur almost anywhere if the right conditions are present. Quicksand is basically just ordinary sand that has been so saturated with water that the  friction between sand particles is reduced. The resulting sand is a mushy mixture of sand and water that can no longer support any weight.
If you step into quicksand, it won’t suck you down. However, your movements will cause you to dig yourself deeper into it.

So, the lesson for us is: Relax.  Stay away from the quicksand.  If you stumble across it, don’t step in it.  If you do fall into IRS quicksand, don’t struggle. Don’t dig yourself deeper.  Float.
Don’t let IRS suck you in.  If you do, once you are in their bottomless pit, IRS will  try to grab your money which was earned, saved, invested and taxed outside United States of Arrogance.