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Blaze, in fighting form

We (Blaze and Outraged Canadian) connected through another website after we both were stunned and dismayed to discover that, after almost 40 years as Canadian citizens, the United States might still consider us US citizens or “US persons” for tax purposes.

Isaac Brock Society literally saved our sanity and gave us strength and strategies for saving ourselves and others.  Eventually, as both we and Brock changed, we decided it was time to Blaze a new Outraged Canadian trail.

Outraged Canadian’s stand-in

We invite others to play with us in a spirit of fun, friendship, sharing and enthusiasm as we learn, grow and share together.  While we offer a calm and casual approach, we know the battle against the IRS is a serious one that has turned lives upside down.  So, we are determined to stand up to bullies, wherever they come from.

We know how alarming, distressing and worrying issues of dealing with IRS from afar can be.   At Maple Sandbox, we aim to offer a dwelling for rest and relaxation in an atmosphere of sharing, exploring, and learning that will help people resist the intrusion of the IRS into their honest, law-abiding tax-paying lives.

We may be conscientious objectors to the fight, but we do not shy away from the conflict. We plan to arm ourselves and others with resources, respect and advocacy against the attempted intrusion of IRS into the lives of honest, law-abiding tax paying people.

Canadians and Americans fight wars differently.  Likewise, Maple Sandbox will conduct this dispute to reflect Canada’s long and esteemed history of fighting for freedom, while also promoting global peacemaking and international development.

We are allies with Isaac Brock Society and others around the world.  As strong trading partners, many of our toys were imported from Brock.  We hope to export buckets of sand to Brock.  Maple Sandbox and Brock will share building blocks as we construct and expand our treasure chests.

Brock soldiers are welcome to relax in our playground.   Likewise, we expect some Sandboxers may also be Brock troopers.

Maple Sandbox believes learning and growing occurs through open, honest exchange of thoughts, ideas and communications.  We cherish freedom of speech and freedom of expression as fundamental Canadian values.  At the same time, neither freedom is absolute– nor should they be in a civilized world.  So, we will follow Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which provides that “reasonable limits” may be placed on individual rights in a free and democratic society.

Come play and fight with us as we Blaze a new Outraged Canadian Trail.


Blaze, raring to go!



50 thoughts on “About Maple Sandbox

  1. Lynne, Just want you to know how much I appreciate the Sandbox. After being banned from the Isaac Brock Society, I found myself in a very deep, dark place. Not sure if I would have crawled out without the Sandbox. Thank you.

  2. Please note that, on March 22, NDP House Leader Peter Julian asked the Minister of Revenue during Question Period about the new Liberal government lack of action on protecting the privacy rights of Canadians with respect to the FATCA issue.

    Here is a transcript of Peter’s question with a link to the video clip:

    • Thank you Peter Julian.  I will give this its own thread.

      I hope you will continue to post updates here abd will continue to hold the Fibbing Libs to account for their hypopcrisy.

  3. I’m just discovering that my partner may be an “accidental American” due to being born in the US as the town his Canadian parents lived in used the hospital “across the line” back in the ’50′s. All births in from this little town where done at this hospital at that time so I imagine there are quite a few individuals like him. He has a Canadian birth certificate (not a US issued one) that list the Canadian town as his place of birth. So, do we need to worry? Would love someones thoughts on this. Thanks.

    • Susan: Unless there is more you need not worry. His birth certificate and presumably his passport say ‘made in Canada’ What more can you ask for?

    • @Susab If the birth certificate is Canadian and gives a Canadian town as his place of birth, I agree with Duke.  There is nothing to indicate he was born in the U.S.  

      If your partner’s bank ever asks where he was born, he should reply with the town and province on the birth certificate.

      if, however, your partner has ever done anything to attempt to claim U.S. citizenship from his cross-border birth, that changes things.

  4. @Dave We and our allies at Isaac Brock Society are trying to fight back. Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty is fighting in Canadian courts.

    You are right. We need everyone in this battle, especially in an election year. Unfortunately, all political parties are silent on FATCA now.

    There was one small protest in Ottawa a couple of years ago in front of the Parliament building. We need more to make an impact.

    “Where have all the young men gone? Long time passing. Where have all the young men gone? Long time ago.”

    We need to find more of those draft dodgers and get them in this fight. Does anyone know how to do that?

  5. I am an outraged Canadian that our government would subordinate its’ sovereignty to a foreign government. Whatever happened to the Canada I know when the Pearson government protected US draft dodgers? How can we rally US citizens by birth who made (and make) Canada their home to protest our discontent on the steps of Parliament, especially now when we have a federal election looming on the horizon? .

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