SUMMARY TRIAL DATE SET FOR AUGUST 4-5 IN VANCOUVER: $29,708 more needed in 5 days to make the $100,000 May 1 2015 payment for Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit/ Il nous reste 29,708 $ à ramasser pour notre poursuite judiciaire


UPDATE April 25 2015: 5 DAYS to make the $100,000 May 1 payment: see also LITIGATION UPDATES


[Thanks to today's generous donor from Central Canada.

--- Look at the SOVEREIGNTY THERMOMETER below: A lot more impressive than it was a few months ago. PayPal works Saturday and Sunday (and you don't need a PayPal account) and Canada Post is more diligent now in delivering the mail. We still have time.]

APRIL 25, 2015 LITIGATION UPDATE: Yesterday the Federal Court of Canada directed that our summary trial will be heard at a special sitting at the Federal Court, 701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, commencing on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. for a maximum duration of two days.

PLEASE DONATE to (ADSC en français). You can SEND DONATIONS by cheque, cash, PayPal, and transfers. Vos dons de $ 25 sont utiles.

On August 11, 2014, Litigator Joseph Arvay filed a FATCA IGA lawsuit in Canada Federal Court on behalf of Plaintiffs Ginny  and Gwen, the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (en français), and all peoples. See Alliance’s Claims, Government response, our Alliance blog, and litigation updates.

You ALREADY funded THREE $100,000 LEGAL RETAINER BILLS — and we have raised MORE THAN $350,000 SO FAR.

— Your support is requested by Plaintiffs Ginny and Gwen of Ontario, Canada, who accept high personal financial risk including possibility of personally paying portion of Government legal costs if we lose lawsuit.

— Please DONATE to (ADSC en français).

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An anonymous donor who contributed to the ADCS lawsuit sent me a long letter. It contained these words:

“I can feel the fatigue in our small team, but please forward my words of encouragement: We are the only ones fighting FATCA ['...the most arrogant piece of illegal, immoral and evil overreach by any foreign --- yes, America happens to be foreign to the rest of the world...'] and CBT and any injury we can do to it will crack it open and show how evil it is inside. If we stop, nobody will do it.”

He/she describes some of the harm:

“I also join a small testimony how all this affected my family.

My mother, the only one with a hint of a long faded American accent, is scared of talking in public. She hasn’t had access to a bank account in three years, she cannot be associated with any of our businesses and cannot even be named on any of the assets she should be entitled to. She has become a non-person and so would we if our very dirty secret was discovered. Because of the fear of her place of birth being noticed at the U.S. immigration, we missed the funerals of her four closest relatives, including her parents.

[Bold in original:] Let me repeat this: my mother wasn’t present at her parents’ funerals because she feared it might destroy the life of her husband and children!

…and the extreme anger:

“We used to be the best Ambassadors for America. We always found an excuse when the wretched country trampled human rights, invaded foreign countries, manipulated the markets, or just crashed the World economy. Now, we hate it with so much rage that we can’t ever forgive it. I personally swear never to go there again, never buy American again and systematically oppose the will of the US in my private life and professional and [xxxxx] careers. I would rather catch AIDS than ever have an American passport again.”

Letter From Ginny. Please Help with FATCA Lawsuit Funding

Ginny and Gwen, who are risking so much for all of us, need our help.

We are getting close to the May 1 deadline for the next payment to our legal team. We still need more than $35,000.

Ginny has written a letter to supporters. Here is what Ginny says:

April 22, 2015

Dear Supporters,

Gwen and I have always been so appreciative, and overwhelmed by the many donations to our lawsuit from Canada and other donors around the world. Much has been asked of donors and they have so generously responded.

We are clearly up against a government determined to wear us down by a profusion of several thousands of documents and other delays that our legal team has to deal with. We know there are many people that the United States Government considers off-shore tax cheats. Neither Gwen nor I, nor any of you who live outside of the US are those cheats.

We are appealing to those of you who have never donated to this very important lawsuit to join in supporting us, and our team, to ensure that our small voices will be heard as we take on this precedent-setting lawsuit against our government, which has so callously disregarded our Charter and privacy Rights and those of our families.

If you have already given, Gwen and I are so grateful and hope you will be able to continue to support us.

You can help Gwen and I to stand for all of you who are equally affected. We are all in this together, but we need your support. It always strikes me that if we could receive even $1 from just the US citizens living in Canada, who are caught up in this ever-expanding net cast by the US government, this lawsuit would be fully funded.

We need your financial support and humbly ask for it now. You can make a difference through your donations.

We can, and will, do this together with your help.

Please help Ginny and Gwen with your donations to ADCS.
Please help us make the next installment, due on May 1, to our very skilled constitutional lawyer Joseph Arvay by donating now to the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty.



Budget 2015 Protects Others but Not Us?

The Conservative budget for 2015 Supplementary Information contains an Update on the Automatic Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes including:

Under the new standard, foreign tax authorities will provide information to the Canada Revenue Agency relating to financial accounts in their jurisdictions held by Canadian residents. The Canada Revenue Agency will, on a reciprocal basis, provide corresponding information to the foreign tax authorities on accounts in Canada held by residents of their jurisdictions. In order for the Canada Revenue Agency to obtain the information to be exchanged, the common reporting standard will require financial institutions in Canada to implement due diligence procedures to identify accounts held by non-residents and report certain information relating to these accounts to the Agency. It will not require reporting on accounts held by residents of Canada with foreign citizenship. The standard includes important safeguards to protect taxpayer confidentiality and ensure that the exchanged information is used only by tax authorities and only for tax purposes.

Note the statement:

It will not require reporting on accounts held by residents of Canada with foreign citizenship.


Unfortunately I don’t think that statement includes us–but I would love to be wrong about that.

Thanks to Tim for this find. Stephen has sent it to Joe Arvay.

Harper Supreme Court Record: Dismal

National Post has published a Scorecard of the Harper Government’s wins and losses at the Supreme Court of Canada.

To sum it up in one word for Harper:


Losses for Harper: Mandatory Sentences for Gun Crimes, Assisted Suicide, Prostitution, Aboriginal title, Time-Served Sentencing, Senate Reforn, Supreme Court Nominee.

Wins for Harper: Terrorism-Related Security Certificates, Destruction of Gun Registry Data.

There are two others that are not mentioned here:

Loss for Harper: Mounties’ right to unionize.

Win for Harper: Cell phone searches upon arrest.

I may have missed some. If others add some in comments, I will include them here.

Has the government learned from these? Nope.

They are fighting a disabled aboriginal mother struggling for services for her severely disabled teenage son, disabled veterans, revocation of citizenship and deportation of Canadian citizens, expat Canadian citizens, sick new moms, women wearing the niqab during citizenship oath and us.

I think Harper should also be prepared for a constitutional challenge of Bill C51. There are likely many others we do not even know about.

Of course, the government is spending their access to unlimited taxpayer dollars fighting these issues in the courts.

That is why we must be steadfast in our resolve to continue to fight back by standing up–and donating to ADCS,

Top 10 Reasons Not to Donate To ADCS FATCA Lawsuit

From an anonymous donor come the top ten reasons NOT to donate to ADCS lawsuit

Top 10 The Top 10 List To NOT Donate to the lawsuit:

10. You don’t like Canadian citizens of U.S. origin..

9. You want to help tax compliance vultures become wealthy.

8. In Congress you trust and Congress has spoken.

7. You are a shareholder in one of the big Canadian banks.

6. You are a shareholder in all the Canadian banks.

5. FATCA will give me grounds to divorce my U.S. spouse.

4. You believe in the Obama administration instead of believing in freedom and justice.

3. You believe that U.S. law should be imposed on Canada.

2. You are pretending to be a Canadian but are really a member of “Homelanders Abroad”.

and the NUMBER 1 reason to NOT donate is …

1. You believe that FATCA should be the Supreme Law of Canada.

Do NOT let American law become the Supreme Law of Canada. Donate now! Donate often. Donate as much as you can.