$42,956 more needed in 12 days to make the May 1 2015 payment for Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit/ Il nous reste 42,956 $ à ramasser pour notre poursuite judiciaire


UPDATE April 18 2015: 12 DAYS only to make May 1 payment: see also LITIGATION UPDATES



Please DONATE to www.adcs-adsc.ca (ADSC en français).

April 18 2015 LITIGATION UPDATE: The litigation will now be split up into two parts: an early summary trial and a separate later trial on the remaining constitutional issues.

[Ginny, our plaintiff - retired attorney, explains the difference between a "summary trial" vs. the "full trial": "The main difference between a summary trial and a regular trial in Canadian Federal Court is that Summary Trials are more expeditious and generally faster to schedule to argue and to be heard ( i.e. shorter). In most cases it is conducted [only and unlike a regular trial] by means of affidavits and oral legal arguments. However, a judge can also order examinations for discovery and call for viva voce evidence, particularly of expert witnesses if s/he feels expert evidence greatly conflicts. There are also the usual bars to be met: a triable issue etc.” Here is a link here and here that she suggests but the articles are full of legalese. This is a “fast track” way of getting to trial sooner and for us, using the arguments that do not depend on review of the 100,000 plus documents that is holding up the full trial.]

While no date for the first summary trial was set at the case management conference it appears likely (but this is not definite) that a 2 day hearing will be set either late June or early July 2015. The court also directed the federal government to provide us with their list of documents by mid-September. Depending on the outcome of the summary trial an actual trial on the remaining constitutional issues may or may not be necessary (there are many possible variations in this scenario) but if necessary our counsel will be trying to secure a date for the remaining trial in the Spring of 2016. We will release the application for the first trial when it is filed.

PLEASE DONATE to www.adcs-adsc.ca (ADSC en français). You can SEND DONATIONS by cheque, cash, PayPal, and transfers. Vos dons de $ 25 sont utiles.

On August 11, 2014, Litigator Joseph Arvay filed a FATCA IGA lawsuit in Canada Federal Court on behalf of Plaintiffs Ginny  and Gwen, the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (en français), and all peoples. See Alliance’s Claims, Government response, our Alliance blog, and litigation updates.


— Your support is requested by Plaintiffs Ginny and Gwen of Ontario, Canada, who accept high personal financial risk including possibility of personally paying portion of Government legal costs if we lose lawsuit.

— Please DONATE to www.adcs-adsc.ca (ADSC en français).
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Harper Supreme Court Record: Dismal

National Post has published a Scorecard of the Harper Government’s wins and losses at the Supreme Court of Canada.

To sum it up in one word for Harper:


Losses for Harper: Mandatory Sentences for Gun Crimes, Assisted Suicide, Prostitution, Aboriginal title, Time-Served Sentencing, Senate Reforn, Supreme Court Nominee.

Wins for Harper: Terrorism-Related Security Certificates, Destruction of Gun Registry Data.

There are two others that are not mentioned here:

Loss for Harper: Mounties’ right to unionize.

Win for Harper: Cell phone searches upon arrest.

I may have missed some. If others add some in comments, I will include them here.

Has the government learned from these? Nope.

They are fighting a disabled aboriginal mother struggling for services for her severely disabled teenage son, disabled veterans, revocation of citizenship and deportation of Canadian citizens, expat Canadian citizens, sick new moms, women wearing the niqab during citizenship oath and us.

I think Harper should also be prepared for a constitutional challenge of Bill C51. There are likely many others we do not even know about.

Of course, the government is spending their access to unlimited taxpayer dollars fighting these issues in the courts.

That is why we must be steadfast in our resolve to continue to fight back by standing up–and donating to ADCS,

Top 10 Reasons Not to Donate To ADCS FATCA Lawsuit

From an anonymous donor come the top ten reasons NOT to donate to ADCS lawsuit

Top 10 The Top 10 List To NOT Donate to the ADCS-ADSC.ca lawsuit:

10. You don’t like Canadian citizens of U.S. origin..

9. You want to help tax compliance vultures become wealthy.

8. In Congress you trust and Congress has spoken.

7. You are a shareholder in one of the big Canadian banks.

6. You are a shareholder in all the Canadian banks.

5. FATCA will give me grounds to divorce my U.S. spouse.

4. You believe in the Obama administration instead of believing in freedom and justice.

3. You believe that U.S. law should be imposed on Canada.

2. You are pretending to be a Canadian but are really a member of “Homelanders Abroad”.

and the NUMBER 1 reason to NOT donate is …

1. You believe that FATCA should be the Supreme Law of Canada.

Do NOT let American law become the Supreme Law of Canada. Donate now! Donate often. Donate as much as you can.

We Delivered! Monumental Submission to Senate Finance Committee! #Fight CBT

We did it! Just as promised by John Richardson our submission to the Senate Finance Committee is signed, sealed and delivered….Remember this? :

I also made it clear that Dr. Kish and I would be taking the initiative to “educate” the Committee about:

– what “citizenship taxation” really is; and

– the true effects that it has on “Americans” (recognizing that many of you do NOT consider yourselves to be U.S. citizens) in Canada and elsewhere.

I am happy to report to you that on February 14, 2015 the videos were made as planned.

I am happy to report that on April 9, 2014 Dr. Kish and I met with representatives of the Senate Finance Committee and had a “productive discussion”.

I am happy to report that, today, April 15, 2015 our submission to the Senate Finance Committee (consisting of a total of 7 separate submissions on various topics) has been delivered. One of the submissions was the text of the “Human Rights complaint to the United Nations“. We acknowledge the tremendous work that went into the creation and submission of the complaint.

We encourage you to look at our complete “Folder of Submissions” as follows:


I want to remind you that this is going to be a “slow process”. Be patient. Keep yourselves focused on the “long term” goal. The key is to remain patient and focused.

For all who submitted comments to be included, please see here.

Thank you so much for all who took the time to send in your letters & comments in support of this project. Please spend time and explore all seven of the submissions as each is a very important component of demonstrating to the US government how perverse and discriminatory U.S. Tax policy is, not only against U.S. Persons, but to every country and person who is connected to one. We need residence-based taxation. We want the ability to make use of our tax-deferred savings vehicles in our countries of choice. We deserve the right to have our bank accounts free from the prying eyes of FinCen. We demand the recognition that we are not tax cheats and traitors. We insist that the privacy rights of our “alien” spouses and children be respected. For those who cannot act on their own behalf, we must have the ability to make choices free of imposed US citizenship be it from immigration or tax status.

It is time. The U.S.must start living up to its claim of being the land of freedom and opportunity. It must address its own areas of human rights violations and act in the best interests of all. We will not be satisfied nor stop until we receive exactly that.

FATCA/IRS Information Session with John Richardson, London Ontario, April 23

Born in USA? Have You Received the FATCA Letter?

Are you now or have you ever been an American citizen is a question that can now terrify people.

Were you born in the United States? Is one of your parents a U.S. citizen? Do you have a U.S. address or Green Card? Do you spend winters or substantial time in U.S.?NO_IRS_Canada-1

Are you just learning American Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants you and your financial records? Welcome to your OMG moment shared by one million Canadians and their families.

On Canada Day, July 1, 2014, Canada surrendered Canadian citizens, residents, laws, constitution and sovereignty to a foreign bully under the American Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) mandating Canadian financial institutions to seek out the financial records of Canadians born in the U.S. or with some other U.S. connection for reporting to IRS with Canada Revenue Agency as an intermediary.

Have you received the FATCA letter yet? Be prepared if you do or if lawyers or accountants try to terrorize you into filing tax returns with the IRS.

Learn from Toronto lawyer John Richardson how FATCA affects you and what this means for Canada and all Canadians. Find out what your rights are as a Canadian citizen and resident—and what your Canadian government surrendered to the Americans in an unprecedented law that overrides all Canadian laws for a foreign bully..

Know your options before you do anything.

Have You Received the FATCA Letter interactive information session will be held Thursday April 23 in the Martha Bishop Room at Landon Branch Library, 167 Wortley Road from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. $20 per person or $40 for a family of four. No pre-registration.

Go Purple for Ginny and Gwen

Ginny and Gwen need us to Go Purple for them.

As Stephen posted in the fund raising thread, Embee has a great suggestion for all of us:

“I was looking at a ten dollar bill this Ten Dollarsmorning — a rather pretty thing with our first PM on the frontside (who is now rolling in anguish in his grave at the antics of our current PM) and with the “Canadian/Le Canadien” train winding its way through some beautiful mountain scenery on the backside.

Then I got thinking about inflation (we’ve all noticed it happening I’m sure) and how little a dollar/loonie buys these days BUT ten dollars will still buy two people a light lunch at Tim Hortons, so that’s something at least.

It would be lovely for me to be able to treat Ginny and Gwen to a light lunch at Tim Hortons someday but I know that right now what they really want (as do all of us) is to see the Sovereignty Thermometer start rising.

IF I CAN SEE JUST 9 other Brocker/Sandboxer Canadians post, in this thread, that they are IN FOR TEN TOO I will put my pretty ten dollar bill in the mail today.

Ten dollars may seem like a small amount, but 10 tens make a hundred and (I hope this is not just wishful thinking) 100 tens make a thousand.

This is the return address I will use for my 10-4-2 or Ten Dollars for Two Brave Plaintiffs donation:

PO Box 1042
My Town’s name, My Province’s Code
My Postal Code

This is the address I will send my 10-4-2 donation to:

Attention: Stephen Kish
283 College Street
PO Box 67678
Toronto, ON
M5T 3M1

So is anyone else IN FOR TEN TOO?”

EmBee is right about Sir John A MacDonald. This is what he said a long time ago and what he would likely say today:

If I had influence over the minds of the people of Canada, any power over their intellect, I would leave them this legacy: ‘Whatever you do, adhere to the Union. We are a great country, and shall become one of the greatest in the universe if we preserve it; we shall sink into insignificance and adversity if we suffer it to be broken.’

Don`t let Canada sink into insignificance against the U.S. Do it for Sir John A. Do it for EmBee. Do it for Ginny and Gwen.

Do it to help Canada remain one of the greatest countries in the universe.

I know many people have already given lots. Some have given nothing. Can we all dig into our wallets and get those purple bills in the mail? (Other denominations, other currencies, cheques and PayPal are welcome too!)

Help fund the world’s first FATCA lawsuit.

Purple is my favourite colour. Post your Purples Now!

I’m in for Ten. Are You?