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AUGUST 4-5 TRIAL UPDATE: Our SUMMARY TRIAL will be held at Federal Court, 701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, commencing on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. for two days max). Email patcanadian2015@gmail.com if you will attend trial (alias is fine). Pat’s suggestions: lodging and for restaurants.


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On August 11, 2014, Litigator Joseph Arvay filed a FATCA IGA lawsuit in Canada Federal Court on behalf of Plaintiffs Ginny and Gwen, the Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (en français), and all peoples. See Alliance’s Claims, our Alliance blog, and AUGUST 4-5 SUMMARY TRIAL FILINGS in LITIGATION UPDATES.

— Plaintiffs Ginny and Gwen of Ontario, Canada, accept high personal financial risk including possibility of personally paying portion of Government legal costs if we lose lawsuit.

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Help Make Canada Strong and Free Again

Canada Day is just a few days away. It marks the first anniversary of the day we officially became second class Canadian citizens.
Strong and Free
We need to help make Canada Strong and Free again.

As EmBee has said, the best thing we can do for Canada Day is to donate. I just sent a donation for $148 to honour Canada’s 148th birthday.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Please give Ginny and Gwen the best Canada Day birthday gift. Donate to ADCS now.

Stand on guard to keep our land glorious and free. Help make Canada strong and Free again.

Harper’s C51 Mission: Destruction of Charter

I debated whether to post this article by Michael Harris here. I decided there is a disturbing similarity to what we have been through and the horrific implications of C51.

In C51 will remake Canada in Stephen Harper’s Image, Michael Harris writes:

After ten years of governing by stealth and lies, Stephen Harper has finally laid his vision for Canada on the line. It’s Bill C-51.

This is Harper’s “War is Peace” moment. If anything can bring his decade of division, deception and deconstruction to a merciful end, it will be this piece of democracy-killing legislation.

Harris also says:

How can there be unfettered sharing of information between departments of government without massive and illegal privacy violations? With foreign governments involved, how in the world do we avoid another Maher Arar? If Harper is returned to government armed with C-51, his security, police and intelligence apparatus will be virtually above the law.

Harper already thinks he is above the law. He just changes it when it does not suit him–sacrificing the constitution, Charter, rights and democracy

Harris calls C51 “a manifesto for a police state”

Here’s what Harris says about C51 and the Charter:

Lurking behind this monstrous bill is Stephen Harper’s broader mission: the destruction by other means of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The question needs to be asked. How did a piece of legislation that has raised the ire of four prime ministers, five former Supreme Court justices, First Nations Chiefs, the 36,000 lawyers of the Canadian Bar Association, 51,000 members of the Postal Union and even former CSIS agents ever make it out of the Department of Justice, let alone through the House of Commons?

The answer is simple. It emerged for the same reason that half a dozen other bills that were struck down by the Supreme Court did: federal lawyers in Justice didn’t care whether the bills were consistent with the charter.

This my friends is what Stephen Harper meant in 2006 when he said “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it.”

He kept that promise. Which is why we have FATCA and C51.

Ginny’s Message For Congress

ADCS plaintiff Ginny Hillis has a message for Congress.

“They have no rights over me. None.”

In FATCA is an attack on Canadian sovereignty by Lynne Swanson published in The Hill, Ginny asserts:

“I am not an American. I am a Canadian. Therefore I do not believe they have any business in my financial affairs.T

They can get their nose out of my life.”

Ginny detests the “arrogance” of U.S. Congress for “imposing their laws on a sovereign nation with the complicity of that sovereign nation’s government.”

ADCS Chair Dr. Stephen Kish agrees:

He calls FATCA “an attack on a country’s sovereignty…A country can’t submit to a bad law just because another country is bigger than you and threatens you.

Dr. Kish says the goal of the lawsuit is to kill the IGA. He says the Canadian government submitted to the FATCA IGA under “pain and suffering” of American threats to Canadian financial institutions.

C51 Gives CRA Right to Share Tax Info

Here we go again.

Under C51, (the Anti-Terrorism Act passed by the Cons and Libs), Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been given permission to share your income tax filings with 13 additional government agencies.

Money Sense reports Your tax info at heightened risk.

Money Sense is not exactly what one could call left wing civil liberties fanatics. Yet they report:

The CRA can now share not only your home address, but all of your financial information within the government, without any form of consent or a warrant.

All the CRA needs is to believe “there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the information would be relevant to an investigation of whether the activity of any person may constitute threats to the security of Canada.”

What’s more, the CRA can distribute these private details “on its own initiative,” possibly spurring…a “wide-scale fishing expedition.”

A Ryerson University professor says the more people that have access to taxpayer information under Bill C-51, the higher the risk of leaks, hacks and other foul play. He also says:

The change in legislation is “unprecedented. It’s snooping and meddling of the worst kind.”

Of course, CRA will have far more information about U.S. persons than they will about other Canadians because of FATCA. So the snooping and risk to us is mammoth.

Are we suspects of a “threat to the security of Canada?” Who knows?

I think we are defenders of Canada. But, I think it’s safe to assume the government is following Sandbox and Brock and that they consider us threats.

This is one more huge reason why we must persevere in our fight for our rights. Please keep those donations to ADCS coming.

Hmmm. Do they consider ADCS a “threat to the security of Canada” for standing up for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Interview with John Richardson

We were recently contacted by a group called Financial Repression Authority, who say they are ‘a research firm focused on macroprudential policies representing risks such as ring-fencing regulations (TATCA)’. www.financialrepressionauthority.com.

They included a YouTube link for an interview with John Richardson, mainly speaking about FATCA. As always, John is very articulate and factual and I enjoyed listening to it.

Financial Repression Authority’s introduction to the interview:

“Gordon T Long Interview of John Richardson on FATCA .. John Richardson is a citizenship lawyer with a focus on FATCA .. this is a U.S. regulation which forms a component of macroprudential policy around ring-fencing of capital – FATCA imposes 30% witholding for any payments originating from the U.S. going to overseas banks or accounts if those banks or specific end-destination acccounts are not “compliant” with FATCA reporting requirements .. this podcast covers: How citizenship taxation has made U.S. citizenship a disability in the modern world .. How the U.S. “Exit Tax” triggered by renouncing U.S. citizenship operates to confiscate non-U.S. assets outside the U.S. .. discussion on the capital controls nature of FATCA ..” 38 minutes