FATCA Handouts

Thanks to LM from IBS, who is sharing a letter intended to be sent to persons affected by the US CBT (as opposed to politicians). The letter is available in Word, for download, or in PDF for viewing.
IBS letter – Naples 2014
The FATCA handouts are now available. The authors ask that you NOT make any changes to the wording or layout.  These are in PDF format and once you click on the link, the PDF document will open in a separate window. You will then have the opportunity to save or print the document.
You can download and print them on your printer, or save the files to take to a professional printing services company such as Kinkos or Office Depot.
Urgent Warning: U.S.A to Invade Canada – Again!    

FATCA: We Are Not Myths      

(Note that the “Not Myths” document is intended to be a double-sided folded brochure, so the cover is on the right hand side of page 1.)
FATCA: We Are Not Tax Cheats  

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  1. Now that it is post July 1, we probably need one or more updated handouts to spread the word – maybe taking some of the excellent phrasing from some of the great bloggers or recent news articles.

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