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FATCA Protest at the Conservative Party Convention in Calgary

There are a few of us (yes, a very few, but I hope more will join us), who plan to protest against FATCA at the Conservative party convention in Calgary this week. I’ve NEVER done anything like this, ever, but I feel strongly enough about this to get out there. I’ll make some big posters and stand out in the cold hoping that someone actually notices us and pays attention. Although, even if they don’t, I’ll feel like I’ve done something positive and made a statement that I needed to make.
The convention runs from Thursday, Oct 31 to Saturday, Nov 2 at the BMO Centre. The address is 20 Roundup Way, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1
Calgary411 has been instrumental in setting this up, and I’m linking to the post and comments on Isaac Brock Society. BorninCanada will try to be there, as well.

Calgary protest to FATCA outside the Canadian Conservative Convention, Calgary, AB

Calgary411 is creating FATCA sheets to hand out.
She says, “My plan at this moment is:

Thursday, October 31: by 11:30 a.m. at spot suggested by Calgary Police Service, across the street from Victoria Park / Stampede LRT Station (west side of northbound Macleod Trail). Convention registration starts at noon.
Friday, November 1: arrive early enough to get a parking spot nearby and be on above spot sometime before 8:00 a.m. / tentatively going to one or more hotels to try to catch delegates to hand out information.
Saturday, November 2: arrive early enough to get a parking spot (should be easier than on Friday)and be on the above spot sometime before 8:00 a.m. — then play it by ear for Saturday afternoon.
I also made a trip past the recommended place for demonstrations for the Conservative Convention. This is a link for the LRT Station, Victoria Park/Stampede. http://www.lrtincalgary.ca/VictoriaPark.html. You can actually see the “grassy spot” recommended as the best place by Calgary Police Service. I will try to nab the southeast corner of the grassy spot as close as possible to the overpass over Macleod Trail (northbound), which is public property. The Stampede Grounds where BMO Centre is = private property — so we’re not allowed there.” Continue reading FATCA Protest at the Conservative Party Convention in Calgary