FATCA IGA Questions from Liberal MP in House of Commons

As always, Tim is a phenomenal source of information.

Yesterday (October 25), Kingston and the Islands Liberal MP Ted Hsu,presented an Order Paper with numerous questions about an IGA and FATCA in the House of Commons (see question 121-2)

His questions range from the authority for negotiating an IGA to who was consulted to  the Charter, privacy and other legal issues. They also include questions on Canadians who believed they relinquished decades ago and questions on dual citizens and Canadian residents.

Mr. Hsu is AtticusinCanada’s MP. She has been in touch with him several times about FATCA. She thought she hadn’t had much success. This may be a game changer.

A few weeks ago, I discovered Mr. Tsu was born in United States (Oklahoma). He came to Canada when he was six months old. His American birth is not mentioned in any of his political information. He refers to himself as the son of Chinese immigrants. No one knows if he still is a U.S. citizen, but he has studied and worked in United States, so either he maintained U.S. citizenship or he had a Green Card to work there.

Plus, his wife is an American. She immigrated to Canada a few years ago after she married him. One daughter was born in Canada. The other may have been born in U.S.

Atticus spoke briefly with Mr. Tsu at the protest on Parliament Hill. I will let you fill you in on the details.

I’m not sure what the requirements or time lines are for Flaherty or others to respond to these questions. Does anyone else know? Tim?



50 thoughts on “FATCA IGA Questions from Liberal MP in House of Commons

  1. OutragedCanadian

    Well, the cautious optimism expressed here does help a bit to temper my fatalistic feeling that we are about to wear tread marks from the bus tires. My magic lottery belief is that Canada will protect all of her citizens!

  2. calgary411

    We are among those persons who want certainty, an (as we see it) easy answer from Finance Minister Flaherty and the Government of Canada on whether ALL Canadians have the same rights.

    Of course, I had to go to “Ideas” after your comment, CanuckDoc. That “Ideas” segment has a psychologist who says that more people are easily swayed by confidence — that cognitive humility is not something that people want: more prefer to be part of the magical belief lottery.

    That pretty much sums up the ‘denial’ so many have that FATCA and US citizenship-based taxation (even if they’ve gotten to that relevant fact) doesn’t affect them.

    (I will contact, separately, Nick and Christophe with your contact info, Blaze — if that is OK.)


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