CCTV: "US. Will Soon Have Free Pass To Bank Accounts Anywhere In World"

Peter Dunn (aka Petros) was interviewed on CCTV (China Central Television)
Peter says:

“FATCA was the greatest threat to (his) family” and lead to his relinquishment.

Peter refers to the US Berlin Wall and points out:
U.S. “Consulates are all busy, all the time” with relinquishments and renunciations.
US Treasury, Peter is not a myth.
The reporter says Canada is about to sign FATCA. However, I don’t have the sense he has any inside information. He may just be regurgitating what has been reported elsewhere.
He does make one of the most insightful and accurate comments I’ve heard from a reporter towards the end:

U.S. will soon have a free pass to its citizens bank accounts anywhere in the world. It’s not surprising many Americans are deciding the cost to that passport is too high.”

Thanks Just Me for tweeting this. Thanks Petros for speaking out.

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