FATCA Attack Around The Globe

Americans living around the world are feeling under attack. This assault is not coming from terrorists. Rather, it is an attack on their personal integrity and  financial lives from the United States government, Congress, Department of Treasury, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
U.S. Treasury and IRS expect every financial institution on the planet to become their personal spies.
That is according to an article, FATCA Attack Around The Globe by Lynne Swanson (aka Blaze) at OpEd News
The article also asks:

How in the world did having legal bank accounts, savings, and investments in the country where one lives, earns an honest income, and pays taxes become suspected of criminal or “illicit activities.”

And says:

To stop the onslaught and to protect themselves, their families, their homes and their finances, an increasing  number are taking the previously unthinkable step of renouncing U.S. citizenship.

The article concludes:

“US persons” living outside US simply need the same rights their ancestors had: The right to live honest, responsible, productive lives in their countries of choice without invasive interference into their financial affairs from the land that they once called home–and which many once cherished.


4 thoughts on “FATCA Attack Around The Globe

  1. Great stuff again. People around the world searching each day for FATCA related items will likely come across this and your other pieces.
    BTW- the link didn’t work for me. I had to cut and paste into a search engine to find it.

  2. You’re so on track with each article that’s published, Lynne.
    How did this happen?
    Why don’t we have the same as our ancestors did as they were able to freely move to a new land?
    How did we not see it coming?
    Why is it so hard to get others to see?
    Thanks for being a voice of common sense and reason. What a woman!

  3. @Calgary: We didn’t see it coming because it makes no sense whatsoever. United States fought a Revolutionary War and established a new country over far less invasive practices.
    Who would ever have thought “The Land Of The Free” built by immigrants would launch such an attack on people, banks and governments around the world?
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