smile. irs is watching u

smile apesmile. irs is watching u.
this article may have been posted while i was missing in action, but coping with fatca tells us not 2 worry about it. instead, it suggests we just get with the program.
of course, the author of the article has no connection to u.s. instead, he is a former london ontario attorney who defrauded canadian banks of 67 million dollars-the largest bank fraud in canadian history. i remember it well.
sorry 4 lower case and no links. energy and typing still limited, still in hospital.

7 thoughts on “smile. irs is watching u

  1. @ Lynne
    Glad to see you back in action (sort of).
    Who was it that first said that FATCA is the gift that keeps on giving ( to lawyers, accountants and consultants). Perhaps it was Just Me.

  2. Hi Lynne, welcome back sort of!
    If there is a God and a Hell, there will be a special place reserved in Hell for the author of that article … both for his attitude and for his fraud (and for having the nerve to write such an article after committing such a fraud).
    Let’s hope the Catholics are wrong and he doesn’t manage a “get-out-of-Hell free card” by confessing sins and receiving last rites in the final few minutes of his life …

  3. that ex lawyer who was disbarred has written several articles on fatca 4 financial post.i was stunned when i saw his byline on the first one.

  4. Good to see you popping in more often Lynne. I missed this article when it first came out (comments are closed now). Pretty gallish or goulish of someone with Meitnitzer’s past to be plugging a book about “coping” with something as blatantly unjust as FATCA. He should be barred from opining beneath a banner of “Legal Post — Know the Law”.

  5. What puzzles me is why the Financial Post would even give such a discredited person the time of day.
    I assume he has been disbarred? If so, I would have thought that the Law Society would strenuously object to a non-lawyer giving legal advice for any form of remuneration (assuming the FP pays him for his article).
    By the way Lynne, good to see you back.

  6. @embee yep. julius should know the law himself. he was a very prominent lawyer who knew how to use the law and his stellar reputation to defraud five canadian banks. he also defrauded his own law partner who is now an ontario judge.
    it was over 20 years ago, but his name still resounds in london.
    @arctic he calls himself a legal writer. i have no idea y the financial post publishes his writings–which are often just a synopsis of what someone else has written–like this one where he summarized information from berg.
    i am stunned any credible publication would allow melnitzer to write for them on legal issues.

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