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What We Leave Behind

The Honourable James Flaherty, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Finance
House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Re: Minister Flaherty, how do you want to be remembered?
Dear Minister Flaherty:
There comes a time in many (not all that’s for sure) people’s lives when they wonder what they have accomplished, and what they will leave behind after their time on this planet is up. I’m at that point. And I feel like I’ve not accomplished much; at least nothing on a global scale. Sure, I’ve been a ‘good person’, always an exemplary employee, pretty good mom, polite to a fault, paid all my taxes (at least the ones I knew about it, and to the government of the country I’ve lived in all my working life), but I will leave nothing behind that the world will remember me by. Not that that’s a bad thing as it is the reality for 99.99% of all of us.
What about you? Will the world remember you? Will Canada?
Will your name go down in the history books? And if it does, what would you want to be remembered for?
Do you want to be remembered, as the Canadian Finance Minister who caved and signed on to FATCA and solidified US domination of the world forever more, or as the person who changed the direction of the world because he had the balls to say ‘NO’ to the USA bully? Because that would take huge balls! And that would surely get you remembered not just as a very ‘good person’, but as someone instrumental in positive global change.
A lot is at stake here. Not just for ‘US persons’ in Canada (or elsewhere), but for people of every citizenship living everywhere in the world, and for their children, though most don’t know it yet, and many never will. But the history books will tell the story.
You have a chance – I don’t – to write history. Don’t blow it. People like me are counting on you. Feel free to pass this letter on to your boss, if you think it will help change the course of history.
Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx (real name not hidden from Flaherty)
Canadian citizen since birth in 19xx (unfortunately also born with red/white/blue tattoo)