Weird Stuff Happening

There is some very weird stuff happening here. Whatever it is is messing up display of comments and ability to respond to them. Even I, as an administrator and editor, cannot see them without going to the Dashboard,
I also can’t respond to them. I have tried to correct this with my rather limited geeky skills to no avail. I have alerted Outraged and hope she can fix it.
So, Jan and Gani that is why your comments are not showing (at least they are not showing for me without going to the Dashboard.
Please bear with us everyone. I don’t think this is NSA or CSIS spying on us–but in today’s world, who knows?

1 thought on “Weird Stuff Happening

  1. If I bring up a thread from the “Recent Comments” column I delete everything past the title in the URL bar and refresh the page. Seems to be working that way for me. Anyway I found Jan and Gani’s comments. Obviously I have no dashboard.

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