What a Prime Minister SHOULD Do About FATCA

Will Our Leadership Fail could be said of Canada and most other countries around the world. But, the author, a banker, is in Barbados.
Wild Coot begins with a familiar memory:

I might be wrong but if I remember correctly, the first reaction of our leader was “they can’t do that”. I am speaking about FATCA.

He says there once was a Prime Minister of Barbados who stood up to extraterriorial bullies. Justin, that is what your father would have done on FATCA.

There once was a prime minister who defied the US when it wanted to play in our territorial waters without permission – when it downgraded our airport for spite. He carried his case to the highest authority. That is when we were somebody. We had guts.

And he asks some questions that apply to us:

Will our esteemed politicians pass legislation that is iniquitous to our people? Let’s see who will vote yes or who will stand for democracy in the face of the “most democratic nation” in the world. Should not our Central Bank be prepared to defend our banks? Or can it? The silence is deafening.

Our so-called leaders have failed us. We have a chance to exercise our democratic rights in Canada during this election campaign. We need to ensure our voices are heard–even though all the “leaders” are now silent on FATCA.

3 thoughts on “What a Prime Minister SHOULD Do About FATCA

  1. It is wishful thinking to believe that Justin Trudeau is going to have any impact on FATCA should he get elected. I doubt he even knows what it is. The only respite will come from the courts, and rest assured Trudeau as PM would continue using our own money to fight us in court, as would Mulcair.

  2. @John Canuck and others.
    It is clear from Justin Trudeau’s reply that he does not have any position on FATCA except to criticize the Harper Con men.
    Mulcair is silent. Murray Rankin’s Assistant has been assuring me for three months that we will have an answer “soon” to the questions we asked five months ago. Still nothing.

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