"Arvay is Legal Craftsman Extraordinaire" says Ginny

As many of us are on pins and needles awaiting legal proceedings to begin in Vancouver today, I thought it might help if you see what Ginny says about Joe Arvay’s Reply Argument. I am posting Ginny`s commnents with her permission.

Seriously, this is the best example of current pleadings
Joseph ArvayI have ever read in my legal life. Brilliant, succinct and nailed it.
Arvay just told the court in one great paragraph (#10) Gwen’s and my entire case.
Every law school in Canada will among other things, have every law student reading these pleadings. Magnificent.
Arvay is a legal craftsman extraordinare.
I can’t wait to discuss this with my law professor friends. I know, you must think I am crazy to get so much delight from this aspect, but this is law at its finest and purest.
This is the part that I truly love. I would be the worst fund raiser in the world, couldn’t ever ask a person for a penny.
But this part? This is so wonderful. I envy you who will be there to hear this in person. Joe has set the bar so high. Worth every penny of his team’s legal fees. Every penny.

Ginny is a retired lawyer so I really value her opinion on this.
You go Joe!
This helps me to get a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Thanks to Ginny and Gwen along with ADCS team. Also thanks to Mr. Arvay and Mr. Gruber. After attending court for two days I found, not only were the Plaintiff’s lawyers pleadings brilliant, they were easy to understand. As someone with no legal background, I found their arguments to be quite articulate and concise. It was a legal education for the supporters present in the court. We were all very happy to be there.

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