FATCA – One Year Later

Trish Moon & John Richardson review FATCA IGA and its impacts on Canadian citizens and the economy. Interview June 30, 2015.
‘Twas the Night Before FATCA
John Richardson, Peter W. Dunn & Trish Moon discuss the last night of Canada as free from FATCA.  Interview June 30, 2014

2 thoughts on “FATCA – One Year Later

  1. Many thanks to Tricia and John for once again getting the word out about the facts of FATCA. The host of this program, Bahman, did a fine job of feeding questions to his guests.
    @ All
    Don’t forget to drop by at https://adcsovereignty.wordpress.com/ for updates from John and Tricia regarding the ADCS campaign and great insights about the whole FATCA fiasco.
    And PLEASE help raise the Sovereignty Thermometer to the top one more time so payment in full can be delivered to Joseph Arvay on the August 4th court date.

    1. Ditto. Thanks to Tricia and John.  Ditto also asking people to please donate–especially those who may not have already done so.  We need everyone in this fight. 


      We can safely assume the government will mske this battle as long, costly and brual as they possibly can.  In adfdition to what the Cons did to us, the government lawyers are now showing how they will delay and defend the government using our tax own dollars to try to deny us our rights as Canadians.

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