Ginny's Message For Congress

ADCS plaintiff Ginny Hillis has a message for Congress.

“They have no rights over me. None.”

In FATCA is an attack on Canadian sovereignty by Lynne Swanson published in The Hill, Ginny asserts:

“I am not an American. I am a Canadian. Therefore I do not believe they have any business in my financial affairs.T
They can get their nose out of my life.”

Ginny detests the “arrogance” of U.S. Congress for “imposing their laws on a sovereign nation with the complicity of that sovereign nation’s government.”
ADCS Chair Dr. Stephen Kish agrees:

He calls FATCA “an attack on a country’s sovereignty…A country can’t submit to a bad law just because another country is bigger than you and threatens you.

Dr. Kish says the goal of the lawsuit is to kill the IGA. He says the Canadian government submitted to the FATCA IGA under “pain and suffering” of American threats to Canadian financial institutions.

1 thought on “Ginny's Message For Congress

  1. FATCA is an attack on Canadian Sovereignty…and an attack on the sovereignty of many countries. Yet individual Canadians are the only ones with the guts to bring on a lawsuit to stop this financial blackmail by the very large US bully. Our Canadian government, like many governments around the world, is failing to defend our rights and freedoms in the face of this atrocity. Thanks to Gwen, Ginny and Stephen for their (printable) comments and to Lynne for writing this gem.

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