Obama Says "America has to write the rules of the global economy."

Obama is finally being honest about his mission and that of the United States of Arrogance.
In a weekly address last week, Obama insisted:

America has to write the rules of the global economy…

Dollar GlobeHe says this is all about American values.
Yep. He got that right. The value to control every other country on the planet.
He also says:

We are meant to win the future.

He knows:

“When the playing field is level, nobody can beat us.”

Yep again. Obama plans to flatten the rest of the world so “everyone plays by the same set of rules.”
Those rules, of course, are American rules.
This gives us a bit of a sense of why the U.S. thinks they can impose CBT and FATCA on us.
Oh wait. Isn’t that a different set of rules than what applies to the rest of the world? What happened to a level playing field?

2 thoughts on “Obama Says "America has to write the rules of the global economy."

  1. This is one more reason to donate to our lawsuit. FATCA is one of the rules of the global economy that Obama wants to unilaterally write–with governments and financial institutions around the world letting him level their own laws, constitutions, citizens and residents.
    Stop Obama. Stop FATCA. Donate to ADCS today. May 1 is only three days away and we still need more than $20,000.

  2. Here’s the quote that really struck me from Obama’s address:
    “Today, I want to talk about why new trade deals are important to our values.
    They’re vital to middle-class economics — the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.”
    It’s the blatant hypocrisy that always gets me. The United States certainly doesn’t play by the same set of rules as the rest of the world, in regard to FATCA/CBT or anything else.
    But the US politicians do remind me of the same type of arrogance the Roman Empire displayed before the fall. Let’s hope the donations keep coming in to fight this.

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