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ACA Global Foundation Video: 21st Century Taxation of Americans Abroad: CBT vs. RBT Toronto May 2, 2014

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“Revisiting the Tax Treatment of Citizens Abroad:Reconciling Principle and Practice” M.Kirsch
Bernard Schneider- April 15, 2013 letter to the Ways and Means Committee
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@ADCSovereignty #FATCA IGA lawsuit continues to be newsworthy and provides education and leadership to the world

Everyone should stand up and take notice that WE are having an effect on all things FACTA-oid. First it was only tax geeks and compliance condors. Now the scholars are chiming in. Funny how most simply are oblivious of the fact that the US overreach is the number one indication that the whole thing is simply flawed.
As John Richardson points out in the following repost from The ADCS blog, WE are making a difference. We haven’t been deterred by obnoxious comments from the public, the Canadian Conservative government, nor the compliance condors. One thing they don’t seem to get, is that nothing in life is fixed and immovable. Change is the only thing that one can count on. So while they all sit on the pedestal of “no one can fight this’ and “it’s US law,” let’s enjoy the fact that regardless of how difficult this has been, we have risen to the challenge and are worthy of respect; not just from them, but from ourselves.
Forbes had a nice quote the other day which reflects well upon our situation:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
Mark Twain


The lawsuit launched against Canada’s FATCA IGA will be remembered as part of the history of FATCA. As the Obama administration “boldly goes” to impose it’s will on the world, Canada’s FATCA lawsuit reminds both Homelander academics and International Compliance Condors that there is a world outside the United States.
Win, lose or draw, the FATCA lawsuit prosecuted by the Alliance For The Defence of Canadian Sovereignty is:
A. Reminding the United States that there is a world outside the United States;
B. Demonstrating that there are people who resent the attempts of the United States to impose its laws on the rest of the world;
C. Illuminating the immorality of (during a time when the U.S. Senate Finance Committee is considering tax reform) U.S. extra-territorial taxation.
Extra-territorial taxation is the U.S. practice of attempting to levy taxes on people who (1) do NOT reside in the United States and (2) on income and property not associated with the United States.
What the United States proudly calls “citizenship based taxation” is primarily an attempt to levy taxes on people based on a U.S. place of birth or because their parents had a U.S. place of birth.
We can’t choose where we were born. We can’t choose our parents. Yes, to be be sure:

“It’s unjust. It’s inhumane. People don’t choose where they were born.”


So, yes your FATCA lawsuit is making a difference. Yes, your FATCA lawsuit is continuing to make a difference. Yes, by all means do  continue this generous and important initiative!

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