Holiday coupons from Greedy Giver for ADCS Fundraiser

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 1.01.22 PM
Hello Maple Sandboxers!
Special for the holidays I have created a Greedy Giver campaign to raise extra money from those who don’t feel that this issue is about them. This is for you Brockers to share with friends and family who feel that giving to this campaign “doesn’t get them anything”.
Well now it can and will for a short time. (Click above pic or below coupon to take you to the campaign).
Please share this far and wide via email, Twitter, Facebook and whatever other means you can think of.
An example of a coupon that can be purchased on Greedy Giver to fund our campaign:
Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 12.57.11 PM

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