Canadian FATCA Lawsuit Amended

The Canadian FATCA lawsuit has been amended and strengthened by lawyers Joseph Arvay and David Gruber.
From the Desk of John Richardson, ADCS-ADSC Amendments to Statement of Claim provides an explanation of the changes and a link to the amended Statement.
John has concisely explained the amendments in plain English.
UPDATE: Thanks to RecalcitrantExpat for providing this direct link from ADCS to the Amended Statement Of Claim.
As Calgary411 posted:

So announcements are not lost in the sites of IsaacBrockSociety and MapleSandbox where so many topics are discussed, (Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty “From The Desk” of the ADCS-ADSC Board of Directors) is the dedicated site for all future announcements regarding the Canadian litigation.

We at Maple Sandbox join John in wishing all our Canadian and international friends a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for your support, determination and especially your donations to
Please keep them coming. Together we can do this.

4 thoughts on “Canadian FATCA Lawsuit Amended

  1. Thanks Recalcitrant. I have corrected the link.
    Thanks especially for the direct link to the amended claim. I will try to add that to the post.

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