FATCA Scams Already Starting

This is no surprise to us. The FATCA scams have begun.
IRS Warns of FATCA Phishing Scams in multiple countries and continets.
This clearly has thye potential for financial or identity theft, fraud or even worse. We can only imagine what groups like ISIs or Al Quaeda would do if they were able to get their hands on the financial and personal data od people born in the United States.
This is one more reason why we must ensure Canadian banks should not be allowed to ferret out “U.S. persons” for CRA and the IRS. Please donate to http://adcs-adsc.ca/

9 thoughts on “FATCA Scams Already Starting

  1. Here is the official IRS FATCA Scam News Release.
    I have been unable to locate the actual alert. If anyone else can find it, please post it.
    The release is essentially what was in the article I posted and in other articles.

    “Tax scams using the IRS name can take many forms and they are not limited by national borders,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “People should always be cautious before sending sensitive information to anyone.”

    Hello Mr. Koskinen. That is one of the many things we have been screaming about for three years. Our sensitive information should not be sent to a foreign government or even to or own governments.
    We are only too aware the IRS has an epidemic of identity theft and resulting fraud.

  2. The Sovereign Man rails against “one of the dumbest, most arrogant laws ever passed in the history of the world.”

    Enter the scam artists.
    Some very clever identity thieves have figured out that this is a goldmine. They’re ringing up banks all over the world pretending to be IRS agents and soliciting blanket information on account holders.
    Foreign banks are intimidated enough by even the mention of those three letters that many of them are coughing information.
    The IRS has just admitted as much, sending out an urgent fraud alert that “scam artists posing as the IRS have fraudulently solicited financial institutions seeking account holder identity and financial account information.”

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