CBT Human Rights Complaint – Signers Wanted

A group of writers from the Isaac Brock Society and Maple Sandbox blogs has prepared a document that challenges citizenship-based taxation (CBT) as a violation of internationally recognized human rights. This document will be submitted as a formal complaint to a major international human rights organization within the next ten days. Any readers who would like to support this effort by “co-signing” (having their names added to the list of those filing the complaint) should so indicate by sending an email to calgaryfouroneone@gmail.com. The Canadian writers of the complaint hope to make this a truly international effort. Bloggers from all over the world are welcome to lend their names to this historic document.
Signers should feel comfortable with using their own names (pseudonyms are unacceptable in this instance) and should provide their nationality &/or country of residence as well. Signers do not have to be US persons, just people who support the cause.
In order not jeopardize the success of our complaint process we are unable to publish the document itself at this time.
Again, if you’re interested in signing (with your real name), please send an email to calgaryfouroneone@gmail.com within the next 10 days.
Note: email address has changed

13 thoughts on “CBT Human Rights Complaint – Signers Wanted

  1. There is a discussion over at the Isaac Brock Society site, on the parallel thread, concerning the appropriateness of asking someone to sign a petition or complaint without his or her being able to read its wording.
    I for one do NOT sign any petitions (or any other documents) that I can’t read in full if I wish. Particularly not if there’s any risk (as there might be in this case, depending on how the document is worded) that my signature might be interpreted as self-identification as a US person – which I am NOT and haven’t been since 1975.
    I’m not sure who is advising organizers to ask people to sign things they can’t read, but I think that is a very poor “legal advice” and a lousy strategy for trying to drum up support for anything.
    I have a lot of trouble understanding the reluctance to publish on this website what the organizers of this effort want signed. I think you’re more likely to jeopardize the success of the complaint by keeping potential signers in the dark about the precise wording of you want them to sign, and publicly stating that fact when asking for signatures, than by being open about the wording of the complaint and letting people see what you’re asking them to sign.

  2. @Schubert, I agree 100%. I personally would never, ever put my name on something I haven’t read. Calgary411 will be in touch with each person who is considering signing it so that they can read the document first.
    In hindsight, this could have been worded better and handled more smoothly. Next time, I will make sure that everything is completely worked out prior to posting.

  3. Glad to hear this, outraged. Let’s hope this correction (that persons stepping forward to participate will be allowed to see what they might be signing before they actually do) is also made clear on IBS site.

  4. I see my previous reply hasn’t been posted yet, but to head it off — after posting congratulations and agreement on this revised approach to ensure those signing on to the complaint can read it before finalizing their commitment, and after suggesting a similar correction be posted at IBS, I then went to IBS to discover Calgary411 had already done that. I should have known … sorry, no offence intended, just “better safe than sorry” is my motto for suggesting these things. Well done, all. Good luck with this.

  5. Cross-posting the update at Isaac Brock Society: http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/2014/07/28/human-rights-complaint-on-behalf-of-all-u-s-persons-abroad-is-ready-to-submit-you-and-i-can-be-part-of-this-effort-by-lending-our-signatures-to-the-document/.
    Please read and follow the instructions there if you wish access the the PASSWORD-PROTECTED PDF of the Human Rights Complaint.
    Thanks for your patience and consideration in signing the document if you agree with what has been formulated.

  6. Thanks for removing my “Access Denied” so all reading here can now know the Human Rights Complaint has been sent. Here is my update:
    August 7, 2014 UPDATE:
    The Human Rights Complaint has been submitted. Thank you to those who worked on the document and made this happen. A very special thank you to all who came forward to put your names on this important document. We had a total of 41 signers, representing the countries of Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Estonia, Switzerland and Belgium.
    See: http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/2014/07/28/human-rights-complaint-on-behalf-of-all-u-s-persons-abroad-has-now-been-submitted/

  7. This is great news! One more step in the right direction. There is no doubt that fear has kept many from signing but it is wonderful to have 41 signers from different countries. Thanks for all of your work on the human rights complaint.

  8. Just checking to see if my “Access Denied” is fixed too.
    I don’t know who all the players are in this wonderful initiative but I thank them each and every one — the writers, the signers and the dedicated go-between, Calgary411.
    Yep, it’s fixed. Thanks Outraged.

  9. A million apologies, I failed to list the UK as we had one signer from there in the 41 signers. Thanks, all.

  10. @Calgary411, thanks for the update. That is wonderful news. I think it’s simply fantastic that so many countries are represented, not just Canada. It shows the true global impact on so many people. Thanks again to all who worked so diligently on it.

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