Problems in Sandbox

You may be having problems logging in to Maple Sandbox.  Even I had issues yesterday.  I have alerted Outraged.  I have not heard back from her, but I’m sure she will do her best to fix it as soon as she can.
If you are not having a problem, could you post here and let me know. If you are having a problem, please bear with us.
Many apologies.

7 thoughts on “Problems in Sandbox

  1. This is a 4th try. When attempting to post comment I receive a message that I’m posting too quickly and should slow down!
    Edited- Well, it seemed to work this time. Slow down- I’m a hunt and peck typist, couldn’t be slower!
    I usually don’t log in before commenting.
    I did try logging in today and had no problem.

  2. Yesterday when I tried to post a comment, there was some interference. It went to another site (wordpress I think) and asked me to verify that I was not a robot. After I retyped some letters on the screen, my comment posted.
    But thanks for maintaining the maple sandbox site. It has been a great help to many of us. Maybe you are getting a lot more traffic. I have never had any trouble posting before.

  3. Thanks Hazy and PatCanadian for sharing that.  The problem PC experienced was the same I and someone else had.
    This is the first I heard of Hazy’s problem.
    Outraged has fixed it, but she has no idea why we suddenly got the captcha not a robot issue.  That was the same problem some of were having, but even after several tries, we could not log on.
    That is designed to prevent spam, but we didn’t sign up for it or agree to it.  Now that Outraged has removed it, she said there is tons of spam.
    NSA gremlins maybe?

  4. This is the message I’m still receiving when I try to post using IE as my browser:
    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.
    So, I switched to Chrome with no problems

  5. Thanks Hazy. I’m glad you were able to work it out. Calgary411 posted over at Brock that she posted a comment here that is not showing.  AGGGH!
    It was related to the Barrie McKenna Amnesty thread, so I will post it for her inthat thread, but I will alert Outraged that there are still issues.

  6. It’s entirely possible I was too zealous in cleaning out the laboutin bags and reptile party comments, and accidentally deleted Calgary 411’s comment. I apologize if I did, I’ve tried to be very careful, but I may have messed up.

  7. @Outraged:  I checked with Calgary411 directly.  Her comment appeared after some delay.  Weird.
    Thanks for getting this fixed.

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