Fourth of July USA and FATCA Bashing in London Ontario

Anyone feel like some Fourth of July USA and FATCA bashing in London Ontario July 4?
A few of us are getting together at my condo for lunch.  One person said she will bring a US flag to burn. I don’t think that is safe in my condo, but there is a park right across the street.
If there are just a few of us, we can do it in my condo. If there are more,the social room in my building holds about 20.  Any more than that and we will need to figure out a different location.
It may be potluck. I don’t cook, but I can pick some stuff up from Remark.
If you are interested, please e-mail me at maplesandbox at yahoo dot ca for details and to let me know you are coming.

2 thoughts on “Fourth of July USA and FATCA Bashing in London Ontario

  1. Hi Lynn can you please call me.
    This is Celine from CTV
    it is about your event today

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