Canada Has New Privacy Commissioner. NDP Calls Appointment "Creepy."

Canada will soon have a new Privacy Commissioner. Daniel Therrien’s appointment was confirmed with the support of Cons, Libs and Greens.
The NDP says the appointment was a “sham.” The Bloc Quebcois voted against it.
The federal government has credited Therrien for crafting privacy rules governing the sharing of information under the Canada-U.S. Beyond the Border deal.
Before the appointment was confirmed, the NDP called the appointment “creepy.”

“Does the prime minister understand why Canadians find it more than a little bit creepy that the prime minister wants to name this guy to protect their privacy,” asked Mulcair

Mr. Therrien comes to the position of Privacy Commissioner from Deputy Minister of Justice.  Remember, it is the Department of Justice that Finance says advised them FATCA does not violate the Charter.
Columnist Stephen Maher at finds the appointment “`spooky” and “`unnerving.”
What will this mean for FATCA? I suspect Mr. Therrien will be on the side of Finance. I hope I`m wrong.

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