BREAKING NEWS: FATCA IGA Vote On C31 Omnibus Bill Expected In House of Commons Monday June 9

BREAKING NEWS: Murray Rankin’s Assistant just advised they expect the vote on the Omnibus Bill C31 in the House of Commons Monday, June 9 following Question Period.
She said:

The NDP moved report stage deletions to the budget, including deletions to every section pertaining to FATCA, so those will be voted on, followed bny the vote on the budget itself. It is expected that the Conservatives will vote down all of our amendments to delete.
I will keep you updated. And we will continue to work to advocate for all those caught up in the FATCA net!
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17 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: FATCA IGA Vote On C31 Omnibus Bill Expected In House of Commons Monday June 9

  1. Is the CBC giving any coverage to this?
    Is there any sort of editorial stance from them?
    I am not holding my breath.

  2. One thing that has really surprised me during this whole FATCA-IGA fiasco is the lack of media interest. There are certainly USP’s or former USP’s that work in the media or in the communications field. I just don’t understand why this matter has received so little publicity.
    Although I don’t think media attention would have stopped the IGA from being signed and implemented, I do think it would have drawn more attention to the planned Charter Challenge.
    I know some of you have been trying very hard on this matter. Please don’t get discouraged.

  3. @Hazy, Arctic, Others: The CBC and other media continue to slumber through all of this.
    I have submitted a couple of opinion articles recently. There was no response.
    We are now hoping to take another approach. We want to submit press releases and/or articles to several Canadian media.  To do this, I need some brave souls who might be willing to tell their stories and probably even to use their real name.
    I can try doing it without names. However, getting anything published will be a long shot. Doing it without a name will be an even longer shot.
    Is anyone willing to out themselves for this?

  4. As stated previously, my name is out there and can still be — but my son’s story is now an OLD story and is not the one to catch the outrage. People are tired of hearing my story — and the story is so much more than my little niche segment. Generally, who cares about the most vulnerable that can be entrapped into US tax law and the cost of endless, pointless compliance
    I continue to be very, very troubled that this is not a huge story in the media. I just cannot understand why it isn’t. Until the media does what the media is SUPPOSED TO DO, this story will not resonate with the general public.
    Gagging the media does not happen in a democracy, which is what I think is happening.

  5. If I outed myself at this time, I run the risk of outing other members of my family, which I can’t do. I hope that someone does come forward but I still have to be a bit careful.

  6. I did a post earlier today saying C31 had passed, including the FATCA Act.
    I watched a vote on a motion by Oliver that passed. I believed it was C31, but I was attempting to confirm it was C31 that was voted on. While I was doing that, I accidentally posted the post and a couple of people commented on it.
    Because I am not 100% certain it was C31 that passed, I have removed that post and will repost it when it does pass or when I have confirmation.
    I have not been able to find anything in the media or on Twitter about C31 passing, so I’m not sure if it did.
    I will update something when I have confirmation.
    Many apologies for my accidentally jumping the gun on this. Hazy, I liked your anger. Get ready to send those donations as soon as we have confirmation–or even before confirmation because I am quite certain it will pass if it hasn’t already done so.
    Does anyone have confirmation a vote was taken on C31 today?

    Title HoC Sitting No. 99
    Location Centre Block – Chamber
    Event Date Mon, Jun 9, 2014, 11:00 AM – 12:30 AM
    Actual Start Time Mon, Jun 9, 2014 11:03 AM
    Actual End Time
    Status In Progress
    Now Playing 16:53:19
    We may not have anything definite until after the whole House of Commons Sitting No. 99, slated to go until just past midnight.

  8. @Calgary: I wish I knew if that vote I saw earlier today was for C31.  Ever since then I’ve been watching CPAC and the focus is on changes to the Citizenship Act in a very empty House of Commons.

  9. I’m still trying to get some clarification on whether sending something to third reading means it has passed the House or if another vote is needed at third reading to send it to the Senate.  Here is some information from Parliament’s website.

    Regardless of the avenue that the sponsor decides to take, the bill will then have to go through report stage, be read a third time and sent to the Senate for passage before receiving Royal Assent. At the start of a new session, a government public bill may be reinstated at the stage it had reached at the time of prorogation, if the House agrees. Private Members’ bills are automatically reinstated at the same stage.

    The process is complex, but a bill can become law only once the same text has been approved by both Houses of Parliament and received Royal Assent.

    From Open Parliament (Thanks Badger!) here is what Minister of State for Finance Kevin Sorenson said in the House yesterday:

    The member should know, and he does know, that the FATCA legislation was created and imposed in the U.S.A. It was enacted unilaterally to target American citizens living abroad in other countries, many of whom were Canadian citizens as well, many of whom have dual citizenship. As long as they continue to be American citizens, the United States legislation dictates that Canada must comply.

    That is the same Kevin Sorenson who called us “American citizens abiding here in Canada.”

    “United States legislation dictates that Canada must comply” sounds a lot like “Congress has spoken.”

  10. Correction
    “United States legislation dictates that Canada must comply” sounds a lot like “Congress has spoken.”
    it should read
    “United States legislation dictates that Canada must comply” sounds a lot like “The administration has spoken.” IGA do not have Senate approval

  11. @GeorgeIII:  It was the US Treasury administration who told our Cons “Congress has spoken” which Mike Allen uses to support the Con game on FATCA.
    I spoke with Murray Rankin’s Assistant a few minutes ago. She confirmed C31 will go to third reading and requires another vote before it goes to the Senate. She will advise me if she learns when that vote may be.
    Stephen spoke with the staffer of another Opposition member:
    The Third (final) reading of the Bill C-31 in the House of Commons has not yet happened.
    She predicts that the “debate” on the bill (five hours or so?) could begin tonight, more likely tomorrow, with vote perhaps by Thursday — maybe Monday at latest.
    Then bill goes to Senate where it might sit for two weeks or so, and then to GG.

  12. I just had a further update from Murray Rankin’s Assistant.  She said this is their “best guess” of what may happen:

    They have the budget bill on the calendar for tomorrow, and because of the time allocation we know that we only have five hours of debate remaining on it.
    Those five hours should all happen tomorrow, so the vote should happen on Thursday, post-Question Period.
    I hope that helps!

  13. Lynne, the house is scheduled to do deal with c-31 later today. First, the prostitution bill will be “debated”. So maybe at 5 or 6 pm Eastern time c-31 will come up. The house is broadcasted on (it listed the three items up for today)
    Also Brock web site seems to be down.

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