NDP Charlie Angus: Citizenship is Sacred

Today, it was Charlie Angus of the NDP speaking out.
Here is a video of his comments in the House of Commons.

Canadians should look to Parliament to say citizenship is something that is sacred, that is something that the role of Parliament will stand up for…
They’ve just decided to slip in the bill that will make it possible and legal for US government to demand demand personal financial information of Canadians who have lived their lives their lives in this country, who pay taxes in this country, who have been excellent citizens of this country, all because they happen to have been born in the United States.

There’s much more. All worth listening to. I will post the actual text tomorrow after it is available through Hansard, along with anything else that was said in the House today.

5 thoughts on “NDP Charlie Angus: Citizenship is Sacred

  1. This was absolutely wonderful to hear. It’s shameful that he won’t be listened to and engaged. FATCA being shoved into C31 without debate is only going to make things worse. Elizabeth May spoke of every new normal making things worse. Harper really is turning Canada into a country most don’t recognize anymore.

  2. @Atticus: “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it.” (Stephen Harper 2006.)
    Unfortunately, we know only too well that is one promise Harper kept.

  3. I did what I thought was a thorough search of yesterday’s Hansard.  I searched under both FATCA and Charlie Angus.  I also skimmed though all of yesterday’s Hansard, but again I did not fine anything.  Does anyone know there it might be.
    I did, however, find this from Liberal Wayne Easter in relation to Pierre Poilivere on the Election Reform bill.  It doesn’t relate to FATCA or IRS, but it’s too good not to share.

     Dealing with this minister is like playing chess with a pigeon. He flaps his wings all over the place, knocks the pieces off the table, messes all over the table, then struts around as if he won the game.

    Here is a video of the chess with a pigeon remark. 
    Even the Speaker of the House seems bemused as he warns Mr. Easter “hold off using animal references.”
    Message to Speaker:  A pigeon is not an animal. It’s a bird.

  4. Hi Blaze, try this:
    “Principle 1 of schedule 1 of PIPEDA encourages accountability by mandating data collection responsibility for the personal information of a data subject, and the person has to be responsible.
    There are no such provisions, that we know of, that were negotiated when the United States decided that it would come knocking on this compliant little government here to say, “We want to be able to gather information on any Canadian we want and you’re going to give it to us”, and the current government said, ”Okay. We will. We’ll just run it through omnibus legislation”.

  5. @ Blaze…………..
    That remark about the pigeon is amusing, but it has been around for while. It isn’t original.
    I don’t know if our buddy Vlad actually said it, but I have heard that remark about the pigeon being attributed to Vladimir Putin, in which remark Putin was apparently referring to Obama.
    Much more a propos in my opinion.

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