Dear PM Harper: What's the Matter With You?

From renouncecitizenship:  @PMHarper: If you won’t stand up for Canada, give other MPs a chance to vote against FATCA.
Here are a few highlights:

What’s the matter with you? Are you the Prime Minister of Canada or an IRS enabler?…
You were elected to be the Prime Minister of Canada, NOT to be  the IRS representative in Canada…
Got a question for you Prime Minister:
Is Canada a country run for the benefit of the banks or for the people of Canada?…
Finally, now I’m just a dumb Canadian schmuk. I might not be able to think. But, I can smell. Prime Minster this FATCA IGA stuff smells bad, and the putrid stench of your government is all over this one.

Powerful letter.





3 thoughts on “Dear PM Harper: What's the Matter With You?

  1. Great letter.
    It reminds me that we need to remain vigilante. Although some individuals have become free through renunciation or relinquishment the collective problem remains. I love Canada but realize the Harper Conservatives are acting like a herd of sheep. The real problem here is of course the US government/IRS wolves. Fear is their biggest weapon and the conservative government has not stood up to this. As many of us have noted, violation of Canadian Sovereignty, discrimination and privacy rights are the larger issues. The Charter Challenge is something we should all support if this becomes necessary. I am thankful for all the support from Brockers and Sandboxers.

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