John Richardson and Dr. Stephen Kish Proposal to Revise Canada-US IGA

It is astonishing that a country with a proud history as Canada would yield to these extraterritorial demands. But what is most disappointing of all is the fact that Canada is uniquely positioned to repel this obnoxious law and send a statement to the United States that imperialistic actions against the rest of the world, under threat of economic sanctions, will not be tolerated.

That, my friends, can be found on Page 2 of the 69 page Richardson-Kish Submission to Finance Canada on the FATCA IGA and proposed legislation.

It is not too late. On behalf of the citizens of every sovereign nation outside of the United States, I urge you to reject the enabling legislation. Do the right thing.

I’m only at the beginning, but if this in any indication, I think this is a hard-hitting submission.

1 thought on “John Richardson and Dr. Stephen Kish Proposal to Revise Canada-US IGA

  1. Blaze, you used the same descriptive words as I did: “hard-hitting”.
    Hard-hitting alternatives for this Conservative Government and all MPs on how they can stop, better analyze the consequences and not recklessly change what Canadians hold as values if the signed Intergovernmental Agreement with the US for FATCA is implemented. At the very least, let’s have some open discussion with ALL of Canada …
    John Richardson and Stephen Kish give very specific reasoning the Department of Finance has not likely seen before in:
    ” . Why there should be NO Canadian participation in FATCA;
    . Specific recommendations in the event that Canada does participate in FATCA.
    The Government of Canada should not assist the United States in general, and in any manner with the facilitation and/or implementation of FATCA on Canadian soil.”
    Thank you, John Richardson and Stephen Kish!

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