Excellent article by Jim Jatras worth forwarding to your friends and family in the US

I am happy to call your attention to an excellent post by our friend Jim Jatras on his Repeal FATCA website. This post, Why Republicans Are Right To Repeal FATCA, is aimed at Americans in the US, and I think it’s important for you to forward this link to any friends and family you might have in the US. Jim’s post is a calm rebuttal of the wild claims the Democrats are making that the Republican National Committee is committed to letting “tax cheats” off the hook, and in the vitriolic political atmosphere in the US, it’s important that calm, reasoned and moderate statements like this get some attention. He makes some very telling points about how this law got through Congress with no debate or committee study. Sounds sadly familiar in Ottawa these days, unfortunately …

5 thoughts on “Excellent article by Jim Jatras worth forwarding to your friends and family in the US

  1. For whatever reason WordPress doesn’t take the link and make it “live.” Please can someone who knows how do that?
    Otherwise, to get to Jim’s bulletin block-select the whole http line, right-click and copy, then go to the address field at the top of your browser window, paste the link there, and hit Enter. Should work, it does for me.
    I hate computers sometimes.

  2. Thsnks Schubert for posting this here. I had posted it in the RNC thread, but it certainly deserves a post of its own.
    I have provided a direct link to the article in the post. I hope it works. I have occasionally had trouble posting a link too, but I hope the one in the post now works.
    Thanks also James for your ongoing drive and determination to Repeal FATCA.

  3. Thanks to Mr. Jatras for another excellent analysis of the negative impact of FATCA.
    For those new to this situation, James Jatras is someone who’s opinion matters, and has weight. It’s well worth googling him to get his bonafides – and then going to his website http://www.repealfatca.com. He explains things clearly, logically and succintly. Very readable, very understandable, and, personally, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that someone like him is in the FATCA fight.

  4. Thanks Blaze. JustMe sent me a private email telling me how to fix that link, I just went on now to do that and saw you beat me to the punch.
    Next time I’ll know what I’m doing …

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