Cruzing in Reverse

Canadian immigration lawyers have said U.S. Ted Cruz should be able to renounce Canadian citizenship “lickety-split” if there are no security or mental health issues.
Cruzing Out of CanadaA letter/article from Lynne Swanson (aka Blaze) to Senator Cruz asks him what’s taking so long to shake his embarrassing Canadian citizenship.  Cruzing In Reverse also tells Senator Cruz how different the situation is for “accidental American” Canadians who simply (like him) want to shake free from their country of “technical” citizenship.
The article concludes by asking Senator Cruz:

Even though you don’t want to be one of us, will you do one thing for us before you leave us?
Will you use your position as a US Senator to give Canadians with some bizarre US connection a “lickety-split” option to relinquish or renounce U.S. citizenship so they can maintain their honest, productive Canadian lives without intrusion of a foreign government?
Please help us to be able to “rock and roll and be good to go” away from American citizenship–just as you are able to do with Canadian citizenship.
If you don’t want to do it for us, here’s another good reason to do it. It will tick off your adversaries President Obama and Senator Levin.  Finally, if you really want to send Obama and Levin into a tizzy, you could work with Senator Rand Paul to Repeal FATCA.
Best wishes as you cruz out of Canada. Please help us cruz out of United States.


7 thoughts on “Cruzing in Reverse

  1. Wonder what he will do if it turns out he cannot claim American Citizenship because his mother did not have the requisite years in the US before his birth.

  2. @globalcitizen: Maybe he can always claim Cuban citizenship because his Cuban father did not become an American citizen until 2005. 🙂
    Surely, Cruz has proven US citizenship before this, hasn’t he? Wouldn’t he have to in order to vote or to get a US passport?
    The delay in renouncing Canadian citizenship is certainly perplexing.

  3. What a wonderful piece, Lynne. I find it really funny that Cruz still hasn’t renounced. Perhaps he’s rethinking the whole business. You gave him a lot to think about. The title of your article is inspired. Brava!

  4. Love that title, and how you working the pun in so effortlessly and so effectively!
    Well written – and hope US homelanders see it and get an education about the stark differences between Hotel USA where you can’t check out and Canada and other countries which don’t automatically assume in their exit process that everyone who expatriates is a money laundering tax evading criminal of the highest order.

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