Black Market Report: CLNs New Business Opportunity (Satire)

First a disclaimer.  Despite the disdain the US government has shown to laws and constitutions around the world; Despite the attack of the US government on law-abiding people around the world; Despite the fact US Treasury insists we “myths” are hiding “illicit activities” in our legal chequing, savings, retirement, education and disability accounts in our communities; and Despite our desperation to shake off the intrusion of the IRS into our honest lives outside United States, Maple Sandbox does not support or promote any illegal activities.
The following is satire. Thanks JustMe for this fabulous find.
Banc Centrale de l’asteroid B612 is reporting a hot business opportunity in the black market for Certificates of Loss of Nationality (CLNs). It seems the market for black market passports has dried up thanks to FATCA and the homeland tax havens of Delaware, Nevada and South Dakota.
In an interview, Blackie tells how he found this massive new market selling fake documents to innocent people instead of to criminals.

“The solution is not being a US person. And I’m the man with solution.   I can make look like you are not a US person”

Unfortunately, there is no contact information for Blackie. I hope we hear from him again.
I personally would trust Blackie more than I would trust a US Consulate.

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