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If You Go, You Can't Come Back: Reed Schumer Follies

AC probably speaks for most of us:

“What kind of a game is US playing? Gotcha?”

Virginia La Torre Jeker has another outstanding interview with Bill Yates, former counsel with IRS. Mr. Yates tells us some inside information in If You Go, You Can’t Come Back: Reed Schumer Follies
Mr. Yates seems to find the implications of citizenship-based taxation funny. We don’t.
Thanks Badger for posting this in the Renounce and Relinquish thread. I have given it a thread of its own because it is significant.

Hundreds of thousands affected by power blackouts

My heart goes out to those hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected by the massive power blackouts in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec.
I cannot imagine how miserable, and frightening it must have been with no heat and no electricity in the cold – for so long. Some were without power for over a week. That it’s been over the Christmas period, I’m sure just made it even worse.
According to the latest news this morning, 95% have had their power restored, but those that have power will now have to deal with the effects of the outage, such as spoiled food in their fridges and freezers, burst pipes, and all kinds of extra costs.
I saw some heartwarming stories of how people helped their neighbours, and how others helped strangers, just out of concern for their fellow human beings. And, I’m sure that the people who’ve come together here are out there doing what they can, as pulling together is what we’ve all, collectively, done so well. Sometimes I rant about how our society is becoming so narcissistic and egocentric – I’m glad to have been shown that I’m being too cynical and jaded.
I sincerely hope that all of you that were affected by the outages have come through with as little negative effects as possible. Be assured, the rest of Canada is pulling for you, and wishing you well.

Credit Union Central of Canada: FATCA Deadline Approaches. Details Remain Elusive

Badger posted this under What’s New, but I think an article from Central  Credit Unions of Canada (FATCA Deadline Approaches. Details Remain Elusive) deserves a post of its own. Thanks Badger for this great find.
According to the article, Credit Unions Central of Canada continue to attend periodic briefings with Finance Canada and CRA. Well, that’s certainly more than those of us most directly affected are getting.
They continue to be told negotiations are still underway and that nothing will be announced until 2014 (Again, that’s a bit better answer than the “soon” we have been receiving for over a year.)
Based on “well-informed predictions” of Canadian officials (would be nice if they would tell us too!): Continue reading Credit Union Central of Canada: FATCA Deadline Approaches. Details Remain Elusive

Santa Is a Canadian Citizen: UPDATE 2013

We told them last year.
Santa is a Canadian citizen! Santa Is Canadian
We warned them then:  Don’t you dare insist Santa is a “US person!.”  Well, the Americans are at it again.
Another Conservative MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister confirmed in the House of Commons last week that Santa is Canadian. Yet, the USA is trying to nail him as theirs.
They’re Baaack! For the holiday season, the Americans are once again insisting the“real” Santa lives in the US. Don’t they know his suit is red and white–not red white and blue?
They probably  issue Santa a Green Card every December to add Christmas color to his all-Canadian suit. Or, maybe they just let him hang out in Alaska so they can impose “substantial presence” on Santa.
US Treasury and IRS are sneaky. They do that so when Santa returns to his real home at the North Pole in Canada with his Canadian HOH OHO postal code, they can nab him as a “US person” and FATCA (Foreign Account Toy Compliance Act) the jolly fellow.
If there is any question about Santa’s citizenship, the fact Canadian Conservatives and Liberals actually agree on that point should prove it. . Liberal leader Justin Trudeau even made a public declaration on television.  Look at what the goodwill of the holiday season can accomplish!
So, will Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty ensure Santa and all other Canadian citizens are protected from IRS and FATCA under Canada’ banking, privacy and human rights laws? Or, will Santa have to join other Canadians in a challenge under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
So far, Minister Flaherty hasn’t responded to our Christmas letter to him. Continue reading Santa Is a Canadian Citizen: UPDATE 2013

FATCA Christmas Letter to Jim Flaherty

On behalf of Maple Sandbox, I have written a FATCA Christmas Letter and Wish List to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.
FATCA Christmas Letter and Wish List
16 December 2013
The Honourable James Flaherty, P.C. M.P.Christmas Letter
Minister of Finance
House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Dear Minister Flaherty:
You and your Conservative colleagues have again confirmed Santa’s Canadian citizenship.  But, do you know the United States is also claiming Santa as theirs?!?  They insist he lives in Alaska—despite his red and white suit and his HOH OHO postal code in Canada’s North Pole.
This is typical of the Americans.  They are determined to turn as many people in the world as they can into “US persons.”  So they snoop around like kids before Christmas, trying to find loot for U.S. Treasury and Internal Revenue Service.
Don’t let the Americans claim Santa. Don’t let them claim up to one million other Canadians and their families either. Continue reading FATCA Christmas Letter to Jim Flaherty

Citizenship Based Taxation: Unique or Outrageous

If all countries adopted American citizenship and tax laws, US President Barack Obama, Senator Ted Cruz and Secretary of State would finally agree on one thing. Citizenship-Based Taxation and FATCA are “Outrageous.”
Citizenship-Based Taxation: Unique or Outrageous was published in Tax-News today. This is an international tax publication based in the UK. The article by Lynne Swanson (aka Blaze) was originally published as a Letter to the Editor in Tax News International two weeks ago, but is only available to subscribers there. Continue reading Citizenship Based Taxation: Unique or Outrageous

The FATCA Of The Matter

The inaugural edition of Testiphi, a new on line publication focuses on expatriates and has an article The FATCA Of The Matter
At last, someone is showing “There is another side of the story.” This article features Victoria Ferauge (aka Victoria) and Lynne Swanson (aka Blaze).
Victoria tells it as it is:

FATCA doesn’t stand a chance in hell of catching those tax evaders.  People who are rich enough to move their money from one country to another and do it to escape taxes have many ways of getting around this law.  All FATCA will do is cause a lot of damage to the innocent and destroy the ability of Americans to enjoy the fruits of globalization – to be as mobile as the British or the French or the Chinese.”

The article also reports on the growing underground movement of Isaac Brock Society, Maple Sandbox and Franco-American Flophouse.
Victoria again nails it:

“The movement has no real center or appointed leaders but it is becoming a powerful network” Ferauge, who successful battled cancer, said. “Google recent articles about Americans abroad and FATCA online and you will see hundreds of comments.  This is the Diaspora in action. No sooner does an article come out then it is emailed, tweeted and posted all around the globe.  The response is almost immediate with people weighing in from Thailand, Mexico, Europe, South America and many other places.
It’s quite extraordinary.”

So, let’s continue to fight. Except I don’t think anyone can call us underground anymore. We’re quite above ground and fighting the battle publicly.

FATCA Handouts Available for Printing

The excellent FATCA handouts are now available for printing.  Note that there is a new page on our menu where the handouts are easily found.
We ask that you please respect the work of the authors and designers and do not make any changes to the wording or the layout.
Feel free to print the documents, or to save them to a USB drive and have them printed at a professional printing place like Office Depot or Kinkos.
U.S.A. to Invade Canada – Again!
FATCA: We Are Not Myths

(Note that the “Not Myths” document is intended to be a double-sided folded brochure, so the cover is on the right hand side of page 1.)
FATCA: We Are Not Tax Cheats


FATCA Casting and Production Call: London Ontario

I have written a script for a Canadian FATCA video. Video
I have some of the roles cast, but I’m still looking for volunteer performers in or near London Ontario to play two roles.  It is not necessary to be a real “US person.” In fact, I would prefer if performers are not real “US persons” so I can honestly state at the end that “No US persons were harmed in the making of this film.”
For the roles still to be cast, I’m seeking two or three people in their 20s, 30s or 40s. All races, genders and disabilities welcome. We are an equal opportunity production.
Proposed Taping: London Ontario Friday December 13.
I also desperately need someone for production of a quality video. If you are interested in volunteering your skills, please e-mail me at maplesandbox at yahoo dot ca