Video: American Empire and FATCA

You are going to love this video: American Empire and FATCA.
Or, maybe you’re going to hate it.I don’t know if you will laugh or cry.
It says “This video is satire. Real Government bureaucrats are not his honest. Unfortunately, FATCA is very real.”
As the interviewer says at the response to one of his questions

Wait!  What?!? How can you do that?

2 thoughts on “Video: American Empire and FATCA

  1. BuzzFeed has posted the video under the title Cussing and Tax Policy FATCA Explained in Four Minutes.
    It says

    FATCA is a crazy law that the United States Congress has decided to impose on the entire world. Basically we’re building a world-wide empire subject to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This video cuts through the BS and explains the law in the simplest terms possible.

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