Happiness Is A FATCA Sandwich (Baloney!)

This is a couple of months old, but Just Me sent it to me. You will probably all Bologna sandwichbe choking and spitting on Happiness Is A FATCA Sandwich.
This is from Bright!Tax, which they claim is “Loved By Americans In Over 50 Countries.”That must prove it then. I’m not American. I’m Canadian.

US expats can probably see this for what it is, FATCA is a sandwich – and Americans will be squeezed from both the top (your host country) and the bottom (your local foreign bank) and US Expats happen to be the prize.

The article goes on, extolling The Wonders Of Empire. And, of course, promising Bright!Tax is where you need to turn to help you surrender to the Empire so you can “get on with happier and more productive endeavors.”
This can only be a thick baloney sandwich (and there I go insulting baloney!)

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