Toronto Protest November 13-14 (Canadian Institute)

IRSCompliantForever is trying to organize a protest for Toronto Convention Centre November 13-14.
This one is not directed at the government. Rather, it is for the Canadian Institute’s 19th Annual Regulatory Compliance for Financial Instutions.
Included on the agenda is:

  • Navigating the hurdles preventing you from achieving compliance with FATCA

What could that mean? It couldn’t mean finding ways to circumvent Canadian laws. Could it?
Can anyone join him?

13 thoughts on “Toronto Protest November 13-14 (Canadian Institute)

  1. Navigating the hurdles that prevent you from complying with FATCA?
    That should be interesting. Let’s see
    hurdle 1 – the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    hurdle 2 – Canadian banking and privacy laws
    hurdle 3 – Canadian sovereignty
    hurdle 4 – up to 1 million Canadian citizens and residents, plus more friends and family members, that will pull their funds out of your treasonous banks and investment brokerages if you comply
    hurdle 5 – the Green Party, the NDP, the Liberals
    hurdle 6 – enough voters in enough marginal ridings to utterly destroy the government of Stephen Harper if they sign an IGA that sells out our sovereignty and our rights

    should be a rather lengthy and convoluted presentation I’d think.

  2. Sounds like a good handout to give to them on their way to the FATCA Hurdle Race.
    Canadian Human Rights Code should be added to Hurdle 2 or as a stand alone hurdle.
    Is their plan to jump over those hurdles to win the FATCA gold medal or just knock them down to declare victory?
    Will they then raise around the track wrapped in the American flag?

  3. So far, we have three Torontonians willing to spend some time at the downtown protest in two weeks.
    Are there more who could attend?

  4. Dorian Baxter, Toronto Centre candidate for the Progressive Canadian party in the by-election, has informed us that he hopes to participate in this demonstration. See my thread on the invitation to five of the candidates, elsewhere on this website, for details.

  5. IRS Compliant asked me to post that he and Petros are on site in front of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
    They asked if they could leave copies of the CBA Letter. They were refused. They were told some of the comments at Brock were “inflammatory.”
    Stay tuned….

  6. UPDATE: A security guard told Petros and IRSCompliant Forever they will be arrested if they enter the building.
    They argued they are on the sidewalk, which is public property.
    Some delegates are accepting the handouts.
    Stay tuned…

  7. I sent information to Flaherty, Shoom, Campbell, Drew-Lytle, CCLA and some members of the opposition about what happened in Toronto. The only one who replied was Kevin Shoom. He said:

    Dear Ms Swanson,
    Thank you for your message below, and other recent e-mails you have sent me.
    I cannot comment on the actions of the security firm at the Toronto convention centre, as this appears to be a question of public vs. private property unrelated to the substance of the demonstration. I can assure you that I am continuing to keep track of the views that are submitted to the Department and that they are being taken into consideration.
    Regarding your question in another e-mail about the progress of negotiations, we continue to work with our U.S. counterparts to develop an approach that both countries will find agreeable. With respect to your request for the date on which any negotiations would be concluded, I cannot provide you with this because it will depend on when the two governments agree that the negotiations are complete.
    Best wishes,
    Kevin Shoom

    So, they are no longer saying “soon.” That may be because I pointed out to him they have been saying near and soon for over a year and it is ringing very hollow.
    Here was my reply to him:

    I and others continue to be outraged that fundamental Canadian rights are being negotiated with a foreign government. You and the government continue to refuse to answer the most basic question:
    Do all Canadian citizens have the same rights? The answer is simple. Yes or No.
    The fact the Canadian government will not reassure their citizens of those rights answers the question. The answer is no. If it was yes, there would be no negotiating of those rights with a foreign government.
    We have been betrayed by both our country of citizenship and choice (Canada) and our country of birth (United States).

  8. I wanted to be wrong.
    I was right.
    Cons, Libs and NDP did not participate in FATCA debate–even after the MacLean’s article.
    There were five other candidates there. One was from Progressive Canadian Party, one from Online Party and three independents.
    There were only four attendees, so the candidates actually outnumbered them.

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