FATCA: We Are Not Myths

myth factFATCA: We Are Not Myths by Lynne Swanson (aka Blaze) and Victoria Ferauge (aka Victoria) is at OpEdNews today.
In responding to U.S. Treasury’s arrogant dismissal of the realities of FATCA as “myths,” we quote a Brocker

“That makes us all mythical creatures then. If anyone related to any US government agency ever tries to contact me, I’ll tell them to have their head examined because people like me don’t exist.
“I’m a myth.”

We debunked some of Treasury’s own myths and conclude:

This is not a myth. This is reality.

When you’re reading it, note there are three pages. At first I thought they had dramatically edited the article, then I realized I needed to click on page 2 and 3 to read it in full.

6 thoughts on “FATCA: We Are Not Myths

  1. @blaze As usual, excellent job. Would Georgia Straight be interested in publishing something – perhaps a letter would spark an interview? Also, what about thetyee.ca? I am not sure how they get their material but it might be worthwhile pitching them an idea

  2. I would post to congratulate you, but I don’t exist and am just a myth. Nevertheless, congratulations! Great article!

  3. Thanks DM and Swiss.
    I don’t know about Georgia Straight or The Tyee (had never heard of the latter until you posted it).
    I submitted articles to The Star, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, The Hill Times and Ottawa Citizen. The only one that published was Financial Post.
    I am going away tomorrow, so I won’t be available to take on any more projects for at least a couple of weeks.
    I will be checking in occasionally and will definitely post my experience crossing the US border. I don’t anticipate any problems.
    Who will bail me out if I am arrested for entering US on a Canadian passport with US birthplace?

  4. I’ve been reading TheTyee.ca off and on for a while. I think they had some pro FATCA articles before. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t publish an argument against it.
    Have a great trip Lynne! Don’t worry I think we could come up with bail among the group of us.
    I’ve new inquiry from a couple. The spouse had to leave the U.S. because of DOMA and now they see this as another “kick in the teeth” They will be submitting a photo for “I Am Not a Myth” project.
    Daniel, I would love if you would submit your service photo. Loved the other photo but, am trying to keep the site serious to show up Stack’s baloney and to make him look foolish. Nothing would make him look more foolish than seeing ex military up there.

  5. That surprises me that Tyee would be pro-FATCA. I don’t read often but I had the impression that they were very anti-information dissemination and very much for protection of privacy, and would see FATCA as an incursion into Canadian sovereignty. I could be completely out to lunch. I did contact the editor – no response yet

  6. @DM56, it was over a year ago that I read some article there that lead me to think I probably wouldn’t get any traction with them but, perhaps enough time has passed now. I have also been reading “The Walrus” and “Rabble.ca” The issue on the left is that that some of the unions for whatever reason have taken a pro FATCA stance. That’s unfortunate since some of their members are going to be affected in a negative way. Those members will then be very hard pressed to speak up if the leadership is saying they are for it. I’m going to check The Tyee pages again today. This week is really crazy for me so will get back as soon as possible to you and I apologize it took me so long to respond to your inquiry!

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