Open Invitation to Linda "FATCA" McQuaig

Hi Linda.
In case you haven’t heard, your Leader, Tom Mulcair, has just issued a letter to a lot of us concerning the NDP’s position on FATCA, in tandem with a letter to Jim Flaherty by Murray Rankin, your party’s Revenue Critic. See link here
Hmm … how does this match your published statements on FATCA?
My colleagues and I at Isaac Brock Society and Maple Sandbox cordially invite you to dinner, with the set menu depicted in the following photograph.
crow supreme
Sorry it’s not exactly haute cousine; we couldn’t find a better recipe on short notice. I think this one suits you to a “T.”
You are welcome to bring your spiritual buddy, Diane “merger” Francis, along with you.
Enjoy the crow. Bon appétit!
Your Canadian neighbours at Maple Sandbox and Isaac Brock Society

3 thoughts on “Open Invitation to Linda "FATCA" McQuaig

  1. I am so angry with Linda McQuaig and her ill thought out recommendations for Canada that I will refrain from writing to her. What kind of a NDP member in this country would recommend such a thing as “good” for Canada. As far as I am concerned only a traitor would try to justify such a thing. I’ll say no more.

  2. Linda McQuaig reminds me of the Vichy French. As long as it is her own ideological brethren who are violating the sovereignty of her country, she will get in to bed with them.
    She is worse than a political whore. She is a traitor who needs a brain transplant. Anybody who voted for her in the nomination process needs a brain transplant. Anybody who votes/voted for her in the by-election needs a brain transplant.
    I like the middle name that the forum has adopted for her.

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