Barack Obama Unites World With Stupidest Regulation: FATCA

With FATCA, U.S. President Barack Obama has finally demonstrated why he won the Nobel Peace Prize before he actually did anything. world flags

“He has unified the world.”

With FATCA as Option One for Pick The Stupidest Regulation, Obama accomplished what no one thought was possible.

“The world is now united against this horrible piece of legislation.”

This article was written two months ago, but I missed it. I don’t know the results of the poll, but Dan Mitchell does say:

Maybe the crowd in Washington will even learn the right lesson and support  Senator Rand Paul’s legislation to undo some of the worst parts of FATCA, but don’t hold your breath.


2 thoughts on “Barack Obama Unites World With Stupidest Regulation: FATCA

  1. Obama, the only president in all my 33 years in Canada who I felt compelled to have to renounce while he was in office. Not something I will tend to forget very easily if ever. There are many like me all over the world.
    The irony and it’s almost funny of his great “uniter” campaign seem a little cruel given who he turned out to be.

  2. I’d voted for Mr. Obama – twice. Looking back, this was the biggest mistake in my entire life. I am against FATCA and I despite this President of the United States. Obama and members of his Party are extremely cruel. The Republican Party will have my vote next time.

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