FATCA supporter Linda McQuaig wants the NDP nomination in Toronto Centre

Toronto Star columnist Linda McQuaig is seeking the NDP nomination for the by-election in Toronto Centre.
So what, you might ask.  Well, Linda McQuaig happens to be a FATCA supporter and cheerleader, see this post on Brock referencing what McQuaig said in her book more than a year ago
I don’t live in Toronto, and I don’t know anyone who lives in Toronto Centre any more (though I did live in that riding for a couple of years in the early 1970s). I am a life-long NDP voter (with the exception of one election when I voted Liberal), I am a current member of the party, but have no vote in the selection process for that riding.
If the NDP candidate in my riding were someone who supports FATCA, I’d vote Green or maybe Liberal — I sure as hell wouldn’t vote for that candidate in either a by-election or a general election, and I bloody well would vote.  FATCA violates Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms, as well as our banking and privacy laws.  Do you want someone  representing you in Parliament who is prepared to let the United States trample all over Canadian sovereignty and your rights and protections as a Canadian resident?  No matter what party they purport to represent?
I urge anyone visiting this website who is an NDP member to do as I’d do, but before that, if you’re an NDP member in Toronto Centre, I urge you to contact anyone you know on the riding association, and also your favourite alternative to McQuaig for the nomination, and mention what’s wrong with McQuaig’s position on this issue, how upset you’d be if the party were to nominate someone who thinks FATCA is a good idea and who supports American over-reach into Canadian and other countries’ sovereign right to have their own banking, privacy and human rights laws, and how nominating such a candidate will cost the NDP a vote in the by-election and maybe also in the next general election. Maybe cc the email to Tom Mulcair at the same time. And do mention that you’re a party member — they’re more likely to pay attention to your email, I hope.
In fairness to McQuaig, and acknowledging a good point made by Tim in his post on this subject at Brock, you should also cc McQuaig on your correspondence, and/or maybe first (or at the same time) write to her and ask her if she still holds with her previous stance on FATCA.  It’s a fair question – and if you’re a member of the Toronto Centre NDP, it’s also a very fair question to ask at the nomination meeting when the candidates face the members before the vote!
You might also mention that McQuaig’s stance is diametrically opposed to the position taken by the entire BC NDP caucus more than a year ago, when they wrote and signed a joint letter to Flaherty expressing opposition to any Canadian compliance with FATCA.  So what exactly is the NDP’s position on FATCA (a particularly good question to ask Mulcair if McQuaig wins the nomination; I’ll be asking him and my MP that question if that happens).
If McQuaig wins the nomination, I suggest voting Liberal in the by-election (unless you seriously think the Greens have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the riding, or unless you actually think having a Conservative in that riding would be a good idea, which I don’t).
I think this could be an excellent opportunity for Brockers and Sandboxers to raise Canadian awareness and to send a few cannon-shots-across-the-bows at MP-wannabees that this issue is going to affect votes in the next election.  That’s what democracy is for, and so far it’s what we still have in Canada.
And let’s not just target NDP riding meetings on this issue — this question is fair game for any Tory, Liberal or Green nomination meeting too (though the Greens are more on-side and consistent on the FATCA issue than anyone else except the NDP’s BC caucus).
Final afterthought: if you know anyone who lives in Toronto Centre who is an NDP member or supporter, please forward to the link to this post.  I’m  not sure what the deadline is for getting a party membership in time for the nomination  meeting, nor when/where the meeting is, but it should be easy to find that out.  Party membership is (or was, last time I did it) $25 a year, you only have to do it once and have to certify you aren’t a member of another party, and if the deadline hasn’t passed, you can go to the nomination meeting, ask questions and vote.  If I resided in Toronto Centre, I’d consider that a good investment in striking a small blow or “mosquito bite” against FATCA.

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  1. I really wish we knew what happened to Joe Smith over at IBS. He knew McQuaig personally and when he found out about her position and cheerleading for FATCA told her about “us” and that we would make a big stink if she ever ran for office. Apparently she didn’t listen to him.

  2. Anyone writing to McQuaig should, I think, include a link to Lynne and Victoria’s excellent blog on The Hill, lest McQuaig still have the simple-minded view of FATCA and not be aware of the “subtleties” that we’re all upset about. Maybe she gets it and doesn’t care, or maybe like so many journalists she has no idea of the terms “research” and “fact checking” and is basing her opinions solely on IRS press releases. She clearly wasn’t reading Flaherty’s letter to US media, if she’s seen it, or if she has she’s one of those dangerous people (no matter on what side of the spectrum) that can only see bad things in their opponents and not recognize when an opponent has actually taken a reasonable and moral position on something, as Flaherty did in that letter.

  3. I’m not in that riding, but I’ve sent her an e-mail. Thanks Schubert for your suggestion to link to The Hill article. I did that just before I sent it.
    If others want to e-mail her, here is her e-mail address as provided in her column at The Star: lmcquaig@sympatico.ca
    Here’s my message to her:
    I understand you are seeking NDP nomination in Toronto Centre.
    I am writing to contact you to determine what your current position is on FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) in Canada. In earlier writings, you seemed to support FATCA.
    I have been a Canadian citizen for 40 years. When I swore allegiance to Canada in 1973, U.S. Consulate was firm, clear and direct. I was “permanently and irrevocably” relinquishing U.S. citizenship. They didn’t care about me then. I was young and didn’t have any money.
    Four decades later, just as I am entering early retirement with assets saved for that purpose, IRS and US want to reclaim me and my money through FATCA. This is despite the fact all of my assets were entirely earned, saved, invested–and TAXED–in Canada.
    Are you aware FATCA violates Canadian banking, privacy and human rights laws and is likely also a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There should be no such thing as a second class Canadian citizen based on place of birth or national origin.
    I hope you will join members of the NDP B.C. Caucus who spoke out against FATCA and its effect on honest, responsible Canadian citizens and residents.
    To give you further information on what is wrong with FATCA, here is a link to an article which was co-written by a woman in France and me. We are both honest, responsible individuals leading productive lives away from our country of birth. There is no reason why we, our families, our banks or our chosen countries of residence should be penalized for that.
    As someone who has sometimes voted NDP in the past, I look forward to your response.

    1. Great email, Blaze, and, as always, far more temperate than what I’d probably have said to her.
      I’ll be very interested in hearing whether she replies to you and, if she does, what she says. So, I bet, would a lot of other NDP normally-supporters, in Toronto Centre and elsewhere. If she has any political savvy at all, she’s going to be very careful in her reply, as the wrong reply could do her a lot of damage in the nomination meeting and later in the by-election if she wins, especially if we can spread the word around.

  4. If she is too dumb to see how wrong-headed she has been until now, she doesn’t deserve the nomination, even if she claims to have seen the error of her ways and backtracks.
    My guess is that she is your typical airhead who falls for the media hype about the messiah cult figure Obama, and doesn’t really give any thought to what she says.
    No president in US history has violated, or attempted to violate, the sovereignty of so many countries in such a short time.

  5. Former Liberal MP and Mississauga City Councillor Carolyn Parish is strongly supporting Linda McQuaig’s candidancy.

    1. @ Tim.
      Carolyn Parish is the same airhead who cried the blues when, back in about 2002, our JTF2 special forces handled some Taliban prisoners a bit roughly.
      I am not going to cry the blues over the temporary discomfort of some Neanderthals who treat their women like chattels, and who, if given half a chance, would take my daughter prisoner and rape her.
      So one airhead is supporting another airhead?
      Birds of a feather flock together.
      Forum moderators….I am sorry, but those women are so far out to lunch that they do not deserve to be spoken to or about politely.

  6. I just wrote her today…I enjoyed her articles and was quite upset when I read she “loves’ FATCA>
    here is what I wrote.
    Ms. McQuaig,
    I do not think you understand what FATCA is about..
    European banks are making ex Americans close bank accounts with them, cancelling mortgages, and even firing American Persons.
    This will happen in Canada too if the Canadian government allows it.
    I am an ex American, who came up in 1969 and became a citizen in 1993 of Canada. Now FATCA wants my money that my deceased husband left me in his retirement funds that are locked in RRSPs.. and my profit from my two homes I owned after 1993 that I purchased after he died. I bought one and then sold one and then bought another and sold that. Now I live with a friend.
    FATCA is also after my life insurance I got after he died. My husband died in 2001, 18 months after our younger son died. I complied and filed US tax returns up to and including 1993 and then stopped.
    FATCA penalizes people for not filing , 10k a year not filed. Tax consultants and Tax lawyers love FATCA. One told me he charges $1000 each year to file.
    I have friends who are up here who never filed US tax returns when then came to Canada.
    One friend is 82. She came up with her husband in 1963 “for the bears”. She is a permanent resident , never became a Canadian citizen.. She came up with 3 kids and had 3 more. She has a home in Ohio and a home here but not much income except what she gets from Canada and her husbands US Army survivor benefits. We fear she will lose her Ohio home which one son lives in. and her husband’s army benefits.
    The USA is the only country beside Ertria that has citizen based income taxes , All the rest are resident bases.
    Yet our government is negotiating with the USA government to do the same. AND
    US House Rep has written there will be NO reciprocity on this.
    Countries are rolling over and letting the USA dictate to them for fear of losing money!!!!! what about principals and their citizens.
    Please check out.
    I have gone to the US Counsel to file a formal request for a CLN. Citizen Loss of Nationality.
    I need this to keep the banks from kicking me off . I have no US investments. I declined to buy a condo in Florida for this FATCA.
    I did have Mutual fund investments, got out of that. I closed my TSA accounts.
    I am very worried.
    Please do a story on us APs…We will be wearing yellow stars like the Jewish people in the 30s and 40s….
    I have always admired you and was shocked when I read you love FATCA.
    This will not get the Romneys, or Koch Brothers tax evaders. It will hurt ordinary people like me.
    I have been writing my MP on this and Kevin Schoom , PC and Justin Trudeau. Trudeau never writes back.
    The other two.. “Can’t comment because of negotiations”.
    Will you look into this?
    Further information. I have not worked or lived in the USA since 1969. Came to Canada at 21 years of age Why does the USA want my money? I have never had a US Passport. I never want to live in the USA and can easily never go back to visit. I love Canada..This is my country. I think Canadian and feel Canadian..

    1. @ dar
      I am quite sure Romney was smart enough to report his offshore accounts in his FBAR.
      If it became news that he didn’t, or has possibly in any way evaded taxes, the Obama-loving media would have been all over it.
      By the way, if I were to write anything to that air-headed candidate, I cannot imagine how I could possibly be as polite as those of you in here have been. We enough stupid people in politics. We don’t need another one.
      To me, she has committed such a stupid faux pas that no amount of apologies or backtracking could possibly restore her as a legitimate candidate for elected office in this country. People who do not prioritize Canadian sovereignty do not belong in elected office.
      I have never met her. I have never spoken to her. But I think it’s safe to say that she is a moron.
      How could any candidate for elected office in this country be so stupid?

    1. I also just finished writing the editor to Rabble.ca
      I didn’t copy it but I wrote that I don’t think she fits the NDP mode since she LOVES FATCA…It seems then that she would give preference to the USA and not to Canada.

    2. @ Outraged Canadian….
      It wouldn’t matter if Linda has a heart. She obviously has no brain and/or is not a loyal Canadian.
      Not having a brain is not a crime, but it should be sufficient reason to disqualify her from public office.
      Not being a loyal Canadian is enough to disqualify her from public office as well, and it may even qualify her for a charge of treason.
      I wonder what side she would have supported in the 1812 war?

  7. One might also find out the views of Linda McQuaig’s cohort. I did hear back from him, but Linda McQuaig never responded. I wonder if she will now that she is a candidate in the running?
    From: Neil Brooks/osgoode
    Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 7:00 PM
    To: calgary411
    Cc: lmcquaig@sympatico.ca
    Subject: Re: Fw: FATCA, FBAR, US Citzenship-based Taxation and how it affects US Persons in Canada and around the world…
    Hi calgary411,
    Thanks you for your thoughtful and detailed note about the problems caused by FATCA.
    Linda and I have written that FATCA is a good model for attempting to tax the more than $21 trillion of assets being held in tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions around the world.
    I am afraid that over the next two weeks I am going to be completely consumed by prior engagements but after that I would be pleased to look over the materials you sent along and reconsider our position.
    You undoubtedly know that only this month the US has entered into its first FATCA intergovernmental agreement, with the UK. It does appear that most European countries are anxious to enter into such reciprocal agreements with the US and FATCA will be serving as a model for many countries. It seems inevitable. However, I have not heard anything about the Canadian government’s intentions.
    Neil Brooks
    Osgoode Hall Law School
    4700 Keele Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    M3J 1P3
    Fax (416) 736 5736
    Office (416) 736 5047
    and, in January 2013:
    Hi calgary411,
    Thanks for keeping me up to date on all this. I do appreciate it.
    I am travelling just now but when I get back to my office I look forward to reading through this material.
    You have a great new year.
    Be well,
    No further response.
    Neil Brooks
    Osgoode Hall Law School
    4700 Keele Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    M3J 1P3
    Fax (416) 736 5736
    Office (416) 736 5047

  8. @ calgary411 and the forum….
    The words of Neil Brooks:
    “Linda and I have written that FATCA is a good model for attempting to tax the more than $21 trillion of assets being held in tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions around the world.”
    Has it not occurred to that simpleton that Canada is not a tax haven?
    Another one of Obama’s foreign minions who have been seduced by the Obama-loving press? No doubt he agrees that Obama, who has has violated, or is attempting to violate, the sovereignty of more countries than any American president in history also deserved the Nobel Peace Prize?
    Just as with the Nobel Committee, apparently his desire to not be branded a racist has trumped his ability to use his brain, to say nothing of his apparent disregard for our Constitution and Canadian sovereignty.
    We should suggest a new business concept for him. He should market a new line of clothing for American citizens resident in Canada. The clothing would have the Stars and Stripes sewn on the lapel, and would be required apparel for any American citizen going about his business in any public or private place in Canada.
    Who knows? He might even be able to market his products in other countries that knuckle under and surrender to warlord Obama.
    Is that a bad idea? The Nazis did a similar thing for Jews, and Hitler was also fairly adept at violating the sovereignty of other countries.

  9. @ArcticGrayling,
    I definitely recognize and understand your anger. But I’m uncomfortable with some of the references you make, the drawing of parallels to the Nazis and with the links you posted, particularly the one about Muslim brotherhood operatives in the Obama administration. Blaze and I want to make sure that this site doesn’t ever edge over into racism, and that article seems to be tending toward that. We have Canadians who happen to be Muslim and who are also caught in this mess.
    I’m certainly not an Obama fan, but I honestly do not believe it will make one whit of difference who is president of the United States of Arrogance. I don’t give a good crap who is in the white house, or anything else about him, her or it. What I care about is fighting and exposing US citizen-based taxation, and matters that arise out of that, like FATCA.
    Blaze and I would like to make sure that this site stays on topic. We want to encourage debate, believe in free speech, and enjoy diverse opinions, but as referees of the Sandbox, we also have to make sure that the site feels welcoming to all people, united in our fight. We want people to feel comfortable on this site, no matter their race, colour, religion, height, weight, sexual preference or political party.
    I don’t want to inhibit you from commenting, but I am asking that you please make sure your comments don’t edge over the line into racism or hate-mongering. I strongly believe that we can present a strong, but reasoned, approach to this fight.

    1. @ Blaze…..
      First of all, islam is not a race. It’s an ideology, so an aversion to islam is no more a case of racism than it is to have an aversion to any other religious or political ideology. To have an aversion to Nazism does not mean that one is racist against Germans, nor does an aversion to Soviet communism equate to racism against Russians. Anyhow, last time I checked, muslims come in all shapes and colours, as apparently do communists, and even Nazis. Idi Amin admired Hitler and had a statue of him.
      Anyhow, I don’t apologize for being repelled and repulsed by an ideology that demands that disobedient women be physically beaten, and which ideology also sanctifies rape and paedophilia. If you dig further into history, you will also see that it was also an ideology that legitimized, on religious/ideological grounds, the slaughter of several tens of millions of Hindus about a millenium ago.
      Neither do I apologize for an aversion to a Germanic ideology that legitimized the slaughter of millions.
      Secondly, it is not prejudicial to suggest that the Taliban would rape you or my daughter, because it is a fact that such activity is entirely permissible under islamic law. That is why I think Carolyn Parish is off her rocker.
      Thirdly, it is very apparent from Obama’s actions that he is supporting the muslim brotherhood wherever they are stirring up trouble. That is not prejudicial. It is factual, as anybody who wants to check it out (in Syria and Egypt) can see.
      Trust me. If Bush Jr. were in power, I would be mouthing off about him, especially about the cosy relationship the Bush clan has with the Saudi Royal Family, and about how his grandfather (Prescott Bush) was a banker for the Nazis. I hope you would not consider vitriol against the Bush clan as prejudice or racism? They are not in control now, so I don’t spew as much venom at them.
      Facts are not prejudicial. Facts are facts.
      To equate Obama’s actions to Hitler is perhaps a bit off the edge, but it doesn’t fall off the edge. He is violating the sovereignty of others. Hitler did it in both military and non military ways, as Obama is doing now. Obama certainly has US troops involved in conflict in more countries than Hitler ever had (albeit in smaller overall numbers). He has violated, or is attempting to violate (be it by military or non-military means) the sovereignty of more countries than Hitler ever did.
      He is, effectively, demanding that Americans around the world go about their business with the Stars and Stripes on their lapel, just like Jews had to wear the Star of David under the Nazis. He even wants US law enforcement, in their activities in Canada, to be immune from Canadian law. That makes me think of the Gestapo in France. They were immune from French law too, until somebody did something about it.
      So the parallels are not, in my judgement, out in left field at all. They are entirely consistent with the ideology mentioned and/or with historical precedent.

    2. @ArcticGreyling: You responded to me, but the request that you refrain from comments on race or religion came from Outraged Canadian, not from me.
      With that said, as Sandbox’s other referee, I support her 100%. In fact, we have discussed this between us. We are both uncomfortable with race and/or religion being part of the discussions here. There are others who share our concern.
      As Outraged said, our aim is for a site which is inclusive and welcoming to all. Veering off into attacks based on race or religion does not do that.
      Obama’s race and religion have absolutely no bearing on the discussions of this site.
      Likewise, Linda McQuaig’s rant about “nothing but thugs, imperialists and Christian crazies” down there is irrelevant to religion. If she made that comment here, I think we would have asked her to refrain from using religion references in relation to her comments.
      You said you would have a similar response if Bush Jr. were imposing these demands on us. However, would you also comment on Bush’s race or religion?
      As difficult as FATCA, IRS and other points are for us, they do not compare with the horrors of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. We ask that you and others refrain from making that comparison.
      As Outraged said, we want to encourage free and open debate that is supportive and helpful to each other, but not one which relies on irrelevant race and/or religion issues to make a point.
      As the other referee in the Sandbox, I join with Outraged in asking you to refrain from veering discussions off onto an irrelevant tangent of race or religion.
      Even though we are the referees, Outraged and I welcome input from other players. We recognize we’re drawing a delicate line in the sand.
      Do others agree with our call that race and religion should be out of bounds or do you think we are off base?

    3. Outraged Canadian I agree with you. I am disappointed with Obama but I do not hate him. I hate FATCA. I believe in diversity. My sons grew up in Toronto with much diversity in their school and they were proud of that and so am I .

  10. From the HuffPost, McQuaig commenting on the U.S.
    “In 2007, McQuaig finger-wagged that “Canadians need to remember that we are not dealing with a best friend, but with a superpower that has never abandoned its dream of Manifest Destiny.” They’re nothing but thugs and imperialists and Christian crazies down there,” she warns, “whose moral compass doesn’t seem to rule out burying people alive or crushing the testicles of children.”
    I don’t know how she can reconcile that comment with her support of FATCA.

    1. @ Hazy…..
      It’s easy to reconcile that comment.
      She said it in 2007 before the media Messiah Obama was elected. Now that her own statist ideological brethren have been elected south of the border, she is letting her own ideology be the trump card over respect for the sovereignty of her own country.
      Just like the Nobel Committee, she has been seduced by the media too.

  11. @ Blaze….
    You are a moderator, so I will accede to your request.
    I would also remind you that I do not believe was not the first one to make the comparison of FATCA with Jews having to wear the Star of David under the Nazis. It is, perhaps, an extreme comparison, but I think it is an appropriate comparison nevertheless. Nazis branded people on the basis of their religion. Obama wants us to brand people on the basis of their national origin.
    I am not going to suggest, either, that Obama’s minions will come to Canada to behave like the Gestapo. But to make the comparison to the Gestapo in France, is still, nevertheless appropriate, because it goes to the issue of sovereignty.
    As far as religion goes, I will let it drop, except to say this. Religion and politics overlap. Obama (the same guy who attempting to violate our sovereignty) is supporting extremists (the muslim brotherhood) of a faith that has a blood-soaked history (80 million Hindus according to some historians….and as recently as 1971 several million Hindus in Bangladesh…….i.e….within our lifetime….yours and mine). One of Linda McQuaig’s supporters (Carolyn Parish) waxes indignation when some of those extremist types are treated a bit roughly. My historical point was simply to illustrate the type of people who are gathering around Linda McQuaig.
    Linda McQuaig appears to be so crazily inconsistent that one has to wonder if her elevator goes all the way to the top. Judging by what she said in 2007, and what she has said recently, she seems to be quite OK with the idea of our sovereignty being violated as long as it is her own ideological brethren who are doing it. Starting in 1940, there were some Frenchmen, with headquarters in Vichy, who felt the same way. When all was said and done, they were put on the dock for treason.
    As far as race is concerned, I think recent events show that nobody has been as shameless in playing the race card as has been Obama. The wind blows both ways.
    So at that, I will let it drop.

    1. Thank you for agreeing to leave race and religion out of the discussions here.
      Your comment about others referring to Nazis is acknowledged. We would like to caution anyone about comments relating to Nazis or the Holocaust.
      Our situation is horrific, but we hope we can continue to share information and learn from each other in an open dialogue which is welcoming to all.

  12. I for one completely agree with you. Arctic seems to like seeing his name in print. This site should be a dialogue not a monologue

  13. @ KalC
    Thank you for saying that this site should be a dialogue not a monologue. That’s what I believe most of us want it to be. And courtesy should rule.
    Getting back to Linda McQuaig, With quotes such as the one mentioned in the HuffPost cited above, I feel Ms. McQuaig would make a really lousy and embarrassing candidate for the NDP.
    I’m sure there are many other quotes from her that would come out in a campaign, being that campaigns are becoming increasingly negative. How many times have nominated candidates been forced to drop out of a campaign because of comments made in the past.
    Even aside from the FATCA issue, the NDP would be well advised to choose someone else.

  14. Here’s more on Linda McQuaig–this one from McLean’s.
    This article calls her on her comments in The Trouble With Billionaires regarding taxes in Canada and how her comments may be in conflict with Thomas Mulcair’s stated position on not raising taxes.
    The article asks: “How much in the grand scheme of things does it matter that Ms. McQuaig has proposed ideas that might not perfectly match the official policy of her party’s leader and platform? Possibly not very much. But it is a complication. And the people who run political parties do not appreciate complication.”
    Hmmm. The NDP might do well to look at the Conservatives recent attempt to parachute journalists into political positions. I think you could call Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin complications the Conservatives would rather do without.
    The Liberals seem to be courting Chrystia Freeland, a former Deputy Editor at Globe and Mail, who is leaving a position with Thomson Reuters in New York to return to Canada to run in Toronto Centre.
    CTV calls Ms. Freeland a “star candidate” for the Liberals.
    I can hear the Conservative ads already: “Just visiting…She didn’t come back for you.”
    Ms. Freeland says she must “put my life on the line” to seek the nomination. I wonder if she knows about FATCA and what it could do to her life if she moves back to Canada to seek office.
    I still have not had a response to my e-mail to Ms. McQuaig about FATCA. Has anyone else had a reply?
    As someone told me recently: A non-response to a few e-mails is a response.

    1. @Tim: I wonder how long “back for good” is for Chrystia Freeland.
      Does anyone else have the sense the Liberals didn’t learn Liberals didn’t learn anything from the Ignatieff fiasco?
      In this article from Time, she says her eldest daughter was born in Toronto. Well, isn’t that a great qualification to represent the riding in Ottawa?!?
      Her American journalism colleagues seem to think she’s already won and is headed for bigger things. Here is a comment from an editor of Financial Times: “I know nothing about Toronto politics, but have little doubt [Chrystia Freeland] will be running Canada any day now.”
      Seems like someone other than the Liberals expect a coronation. I wonder how Justin feels about Chrystia “running Canada any day now.” Why bother with elections?
      I think her husband Graham Bowley is a reporter for New York Times. Do we know if he and their children are moving to Canada with her now. If not, I question even more how long “back for good” is.
      I believe Graham Bowley is British. However, both of them must have U.S. Green Cards, which makes them “US persons” who could be impacted by FATCA.
      Does anyone know how to contact her to ask her what her position is on FATCA? I just tweeted her:
      Blaze @LynneBlaze 11m
      @cafreeland Do u know how #FATCA will affect u as “US person” in Canada? Will Liberals say No 2 #FATCA in Canada? @justintrudeau silent.

    1. @Joe: I noticed in another comment you haven’t heard from her either Joe.
      Are you able to attend the nomination meeting or do you know anyone who will be there?
      As someone told me: No response to a few e-mails is a response.
      Her silence speaks volumes. Of course, so does the silence of Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair and the recent silence of Flaherty.

  15. Globalnews.ca reporter Anna Mehler Paperny is hoping to interview Canadians who have renounced US citizenship in the last few years for a story on citizenship/IRS/FATCA-related issues. Ideally we’d like to use people’s real names.
    Pls contact:
    Anna.Mehler Paperny (at) globalnews.ca
    (416) 443-6003

  16. No, I have sent all links from this site and IBS to Hollett. If she doesn’t pursue she will lose to McQuaig I think, Her call.

  17. Here is a link giving the perspective of dual nationals living in Sweden, Germany, and Canada.
    Interesting comments from the guy in Sweden. Anybody with even a few active brain cells knows that Sweden is not a tax haven. Apparently US lawmakers, including that bozo who signed FATCA into law, have no active brain cells at all.
    Apparently Linda McQuaig has no active brain cells either.
    Apparently she agrees with those moron American lawmakers who believe that any law passed by Congress should apply worldwide, as long as it is her own ideological allies who are passing those laws.
    The silence of Flaherty, Trudeau, and Mulcair is not surprising. In the case of Flaherty, it’s because he is the one in charge and negotiations are still ongoing.
    In the case of Trudeau, Mulcair, and now McQuaig, I think it’s because they are ideologically allied with Obama and deep down favour FATCA. They are statist. They believe in Big Brother. They think that people are not smart enough to manage their own affairs.

  18. I am delighted to report that, in response to a post I put on the website of Jennifer Hollett, who is McQuaig’s chief opponent in the NDP nomination race for Toronto Centre, and who recently was endorsed by Paul Dewar, my MP and the NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, I now know that Hollett and her team are concerned about the problems with FATCA. In my opinion, Hollett deserves the support and vote of every Toronto Centre resident Brocker or Sandboxer who is or can justify becoming a member of the NDP in time to vote at the September 15 nomination meeting.
    Here is what Jennifer’s campaign lead replied to me:
    “As you’ve identified, there are many issues with FATCA that are deeply problematic and very concerning. It’s something we are keeping a close eye on. I understand that the NDP have been pressing the Conservative government for answers on FATCA, and I would be interested in knowing more; if you could forward me your five page email, I would be very grateful.”
    The five-page email she refers to, which I mentioned in my email post to the campaign website, appears here on Sandbox:
    Jennifer Hollett’s campaign website is here:
    OK, Toronto-Centrists – this is your chance to make a real difference, if even a small one, to the political battle that is shaping up over FATCA and the IGA. If you sit on your hands, you have no more sympathy or support from me, and I don’t want to hear any more moaning about what FATCA may do to you. In a phrase, “put up or shut up.” Just do it. Get out there and vote for someone who wants to be your MP and who isn’t going to roll over for the IRS. McQuaig isn’t that person, and Hollett is, as far as I can see anyway.

  19. Finally, someone responded. Good for you Schubert.
    I must say I don’t know if NDP has been pressing the Conservatives. For the past year, the Libs and NDP have been as quiet as the Cons on FATCA.
    It’s good to know at least one candidate seems to be listening.
    As for Linda McQuaig, as someone told me No response to a few e-mails is a response.
    Too bad I’m not in Toronto Centre.

  20. According to Kady O’Malley on CBC today, the earliest probably date for the by-election is October 21. That’s because there are now four vacant seats to fill, and unless Harper deviates from the usual practice of having all by-elections on the same day (for seats currently vacant), October 21 is the earliest date for the latest vacancy.
    Most writers I’ve seen think Harper will want to have all four by-elections on October 21.
    Don’t count on this until the by-election dates are actually announced, but it looks likely that people in Toronto Centre, and those who know people in Toronto Centre, may have another five weeks to educate the voters in that riding re FATCA, whatever the outcome of the NDP nomination might be.
    The Greens clearly are opposed to FATCA; at least some parts of the NDP have “serious concerns” about it, even if McQuaig doesn’t. I don’t have a clue what the Liberal position is on this. If Flaherty has announced an IGA before October 21 (probably unlikely), analyze it carefully to decide whether it’s a sell-out or not. If he hasn’t announced an IGA, and rumour is negotiations are still underway, I’d assume by October 21 that it’s a sell-out and I wouldn’t recommend voting Tory unless there’s a reliable indication that Flaherty is really peeling the IGA terms back (unlikely the US would agree to that though, and also unlikely we’d have any reliable information on what’s going to be in the IGA if it hasn’t been announced).
    So please, Toronto folks, keep informing people, raise a few questions at the NDP nomination meeting (and at the Liberal one in Toronto Centre, I don’t know whether it’s been announced or when), and keep hammering away. Once the candidates are all nominated, take a hard look at who they are, ask pointed questions in the candidate meetings, and vote accordingly.
    It isn’t over until the final vote is counted in the by-election, and every vote may count (in the nomination meeting or in the by-election).
    FYI the other by-elections are Brandon-Souris (Manitoba), Bourassa (Quebec), and Provencher (Manitoba). My hunch is there aren’t nearly as many FATCA-vulnerable people in any or all of those three ridings combined, compared with Toronto Centre, so it’s probably unlikely FATCA or the IGA will have any traction as issues in those three ridings. But I could be wrong. If anyone out there lives in one of those three ridings and has suggestions, please chime in.

  21. Getting down to the crunch, in a little more than a week. Here are some details on meetings that some of you in the Toronto area might want to think about attending. I picked this up from the event calendar on Jennifer Hollett’s website http://jenniferhollett.com/
    The Toronto Centre NDP nominations meeting will be held on September 15 at the YMCA on 20 Grosvenor Street, Toronto. Registration begins at 2pm; meeting starts at 2:30pm. Only NDP members residing in Toronto Centre since August 16, 2013 or before, can vote, but all are welcome to attend, according to Jennifer Hollett’s campaign lead (even if you’re not a party member, as far as I know).
    There are three earlier events that may be of interest to some of you. I don’t believe NDP membership or riding residence is necessary or would even be asked, at these events (except maybe the UofT one, not sure …)
    This coming Sunday September 8 from noon to 3pm, Jennifer Hollett will be available to meet and discuss issues with people on her own (McQuaig won’t be there, this is Hollett’s event and not a riding association one) at Cabbagetown Brew for coffee, 552 Parliament Street, Toronto. The Cabbagetown Festival will be in full swing that day on the street. This could be a good chance to share some aspects of your personal FATCA/Jihad story with Jennifer, maybe to give her a couple of sound bites for the nomination meeting. I don’t think you need to be an NDP member or riding resident for this, and I can’t imagine anyone at the door is going to check for that.
    The University of Toronto New Democrats are having an all-candidate meet-and-greet on Tuesday September 10 at the Artful Dodger, 10 Isabella Street, Toronto 6:30-9:00. It’s not clear if this is for NDPers and UofT students only or more general. It might be important to get some anti-FATCA messages circulating there, to try to recruit some students or head off an influx of uninformed McQuaig admirers at the nominations meeting. Just a thought, especially if you’re a student or have kids or young friends who are students, maybe even at York or Ryerson or … Perhaps not for older folk like me, unless maybe you’re an alumnus or a present or emeritus faculty member or teaching assistant at UofT…
    The “official” riding association Meet and Greet for all the candidates will be Wednesday September 11 6-9 pm at the Magic Oven Resto-Bar, 360 Queen Street East, Toronto. This could be a chance to sway McQuaig supporters, and get the message circulated, without the pressure and noise level of the nomination meeting itself. Again, I don’t imagine anyone is going to be checking for membership cards or addresses on driver’s licenses for this one.
    These are four opportunities for Toronto-area residents affected by the FATCA Jihad to get their messages across, where and when it might make a difference.

  22. No reply from Linda McQuaig. (Of course, I am not someone who could VOTE for Ms. McQuaig.) No reply from Professor Neil Brooks either.

  23. Here’s Mulcair’s actual tweet and my replies to him.
    Thomas Mulcair @ThomasMulcair 1h
    BRAVO @LindaMcQuaig! An excellent #NDP candidate for #TorCen. We’ll all be there for this race! Can’t wait to see you in Parliament!
    Lynne Swanson @LynneBlaze 1m
    @ThomasMulcair @LondonWestNDP Do u know @LindaMcQuaig is huge #FATCA fan? Y r u letting #IRS terrorize honest Canadian citizens? No #FATCA
    Lynne Swanson @LynneBlaze 3m
    @ThomasMulcair @LondonWestNDP Your support of @LindaMcQuaig shows Canadians y u have been silent on #FATCA.Don’t let US #FATCA Canadians!

  24. The NDP has been strangely silent on FATCA for quite some time. This is in contrast to 2 years ago, when NDP MP’s were among the first to speak out about the situation facing Canadians who might also be U.S persons.
    BC MP Alex Atamenko was the first one I became aware of, in the summer of 2011. Megan Leslie of Halifax and Paul Dewar of Ottawa held public meetings to discuss the issue. Schubert mentioned that Libby Davis also spoke out. There may have been others.
    The message has to be made clear that FATCA is not just about catching tax cheats. There’s a far greater dimension frequently discussed here, so I won’t repeat what has been said. It’s up to us to make both our elected representatives and the media aware of what FATCA is really about.

  25. While there has been a great deal of attention focused on Toronto Centre (after all, it is the centre of the Universe), don’t forget the upcoming by election in the Montreal riding of Bourassa. Some pundits are saying that Georges Laraque, the Green party candidate, has an outside chance. After all, he was in the NHL and played for the Canadiens. He’s also Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada.
    He’s someone to watch. His contact info for the campaign is bourassa2013@greenparty.ca

  26. A former reporter for The Star is the candidate for The Greens. Does anyone know if the Green candidates will be prepared to bring FATCA into any of the byelections?
    I just tweeted him. It will be interesting if he replies. McQuaig and Freeland didn’t to any of the ones I sent to them.
    Lynne Swanson ?@LynneBlaze 6s
    @Dev4TOCentre Congrats on running 4 the Greens in TO Centre. Will u stand up 2 #FATCA with @elizabethmay? McQuaig a big #FATCA fan.

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