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  1. They are only issuing 10,000 of these $4 coins, which is a relatively limited edition. You can get them at the Mint’s website here http://www.mint.ca/store/coin/fine-silver-4-coin-sir-isaac-brock-mintage-10000-2012-prod1550020 for just under $59 Cdn including shipping, handling and tax (if shipped in Canada, probably more outside Canada).
    I’ve just ordered one. It’s a nice souvenir, especially as I’m one of the people responsible for suggesting Sir Isaac’s name for the other website 😉
    Given the relatively limited edition, if you’re interested in getting one, I suggest ordering sooner rather than later. People living in or near Ottawa, or visiting, can pick one up at the gift shop at the Mint (see website above for link to a map). The tour is worth taking if you have the time; our grandson loved it especially the bit where you get to lift a (securely tethered) gold bar …

  2. further note …
    Not sure when Blaze found the photo, but it’s inflated from a quarter to a $4 piece, I can’t find a quarter anywhere on their website. For the same price, if you’re interested, they also have a very similar $4 coin (same 10,000 production run) in honour of Tecumseh, which is nice to see — the First Nations contributed as much to repelling the Americans as did Brock and the British (there was also a Canadien leader whose name alas I can’t recall at the moment, who was instrumental in repelling the American attack on Montreal, rather unfortunate oversight on the Mint’s part, I can’t see a coin in his memory).

  3. Correction and apology to Blaze and CBC, the Mint has issued TWO commemorative coins for Brock. A quarter AND a $4 coin. The latter is obviously more expensive; the quarters are available in circulation sets at face-value, for $2.50 you get ten of the quarters in plastic sleeves, half have the red logo and half don’t. No shipping charges. I had to drill around the Mint website a bit to find the quarters, they aren’t as prominently displayed as the more expensive $4 coin (surprise surprise).

  4. @Schubert: I got the photo and the information in this CBC story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/interactives/warof1812-coin-zoom/index.html
    Also, Canada Newswire reports Niagara Falls MP Rob Nicholson (also Minister of Justice) unveiled the Brock quarter, which is the first of four circulation coins which commemorate key historical figures from the War of 1812.
    There will be 12,5 million Brock quarters in circulation. This says to start looking for it in your change today (October 13) or get it directly from the Mint.
    I didn’t know about the Brock $4 when I posted here and at Brock. This is different from Brock quarter which will be in general circulation.

  5. Canada Post delivered my $4 silver Brock coin in the mail today. The website says they’re only minting 10,000 of them; the number on the certificate on mine says it was just under the 7000th minted (and presumably sold). So the $4 silver coins probably will be selling out fairly soon.
    As Blaze notes, the quarters are being released for general circulation, so they’re less likely to sell out quickly as there will be a lot more of them. (Also they’re a lot less expensive than the $4 coin which sells for $50 Cdn plus tax.

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