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We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest

I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing my photo by now. Here it is again.LynneNotMyth
AtticusInCanada has launched the the We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest on Tumblr. There is a grand total of three of us protesting there. I hope that number will grow.
You can join Tumblr (no charge) and upload your own photo. However, I joined Tumblr last week to sign a Portrait Petition on another issue (which was what gave me the idea for the Portrait Protest).  I had no problem there, but I couldn’t figure out how to move this photo from my Dashboard to the We Are Not A Myth Protest. I e-mailed it it Atticus and she did it for me.
She is willing to do that for others. Here is her e-mail address. atticusincanada@gmail.com
I hope this becomes successful, but I hope Atticus does not become overwhelmed.
You don’t have to identify yourself by name or location.  I did. The other two who have joined did not use their names, but identified themselves as Canadians. It’s your choice.  It’s great if you include your own personal message on a sign or any creative way you can think of to protest in your own way.