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Help Appreciated for Nov 13-14 Toronto Protest Against FATCA-Complicit Banks

If you are interested in attending, please contact: ComplianceNever@gmail.com
The conference is the  “Canadian Institute’s 19th Annual REGULATORY COMPLIANCE for Financial Institutions” at the North Building of the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto.
There will be about 150 conference attendees, including the big five banks and other financial institutions, who all want, not only to improve their skills in FATCA compliance, but to “EXCEED Regulatory Expectations.”
Final strategy to be determined, but protesters are needed to:
1) hand out to banksters a copy of a letter to the Canadian Banking Association asking banks to resist FATCA compliance and to lobby against FATCA; and
2) explain FATCA to the public and ask for their signatures on the Ted Hsu petition to Parliament.
Other suggestions appreciated.