Looking for Stories of People Who Have Renounced


UPDATE Our Stories
I Lost Hope

I did not Leave America, the U.S. Government Left me

I Feel Cheated by my ex-Country who Treats its Citizens in This Way

How I Became Canadian and Ended up Renouncing US Citizenship

Last Generation American


I would like to create a section on the Citizenship Taxation website that is devoted to the stories of those who have renounced/relinquised. The primary purpose is to demonstrate a different focus than that of trying to keep it, hoping for change in the political process, etc. Hopefully it would include what it felt like during the period of deciding (the OMG moment + any particular stresses that pointed you in that direction), could include the actual appointment(s) at the Consulate, the aftermath, family reactions, etc. Whatever you feel would be meaningful to communicate…….

Real names are not required. All requests for privacy concerning email, name etc will be strictly respected/followed.

Please email Tricia at:

information at citizenshiptaxation at dot ca


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