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What is Tax Residency? – Episode 1 with John Richardson & Olivier Wagner

The issue of tax residence has gained so much attention since the “crackdown” on non-resident US Persons began in 2009. It is commonly understood that you pay taxes to the country/state/city-town that you reside in. (For an interesting comparison of differences between countries please see this incredible list compiled by the OECD). It simply does not occur to anyone that they would be required to pay taxes to a foreign government.

However, the United States claims jurisdiction due to citizenship. One does not even have to have touched foot in the U.S., according to U.S. law. Of course, due to the viciousness of the U.S. “FBAR Fundraiser” many people began to resist whether of anger or fear.

Not much has changed* , in spite of all the factors that have contributed to this debacle (and debacle it is, what could one expect when a country tries to take what is someone else’s, based on an idea of fake residence?).

For a detailed discussion concerning the determination of tax residence and related factors, please see here.

In this interview, John Richardson speaks with Olivier Wagner about tax residency and how a seemingly simple concept has become so terribly important in the 21st century.

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Looking for Stories of People Who Have Renounced


UPDATE Our Stories
I Lost Hope

I did not Leave America, the U.S. Government Left me

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Last Generation American


I would like to create a section on the Citizenship Taxation website that is devoted to the stories of those who have renounced/relinquised. The primary purpose is to demonstrate a different focus than that of trying to keep it, hoping for change in the political process, etc. Hopefully it would include what it felt like during the period of deciding (the OMG moment + any particular stresses that pointed you in that direction), could include the actual appointment(s) at the Consulate, the aftermath, family reactions, etc. Whatever you feel would be meaningful to communicate…….

Real names are not required. All requests for privacy concerning email, name etc will be strictly respected/followed.

Please email Tricia at:

information at citizenshiptaxation at dot ca