UN Complaint Seeking Additional Signatures: Deadline December 12, 2017!!

[Cross-posted from Brock]

In light of the complete failure of the United States government to provide tax compliance relief for the eight to nine million deemed American citizens living outside US borders, creators of the United Nations Human Rights Complaint against United States CBT, FATCA and FBAR are actively soliciting additional signatures to the document. Signatures are kept confidential and will be disclosed only to the UN Human Rights Council. They will never be seen by the United States government.

Please email calgaryfouroneone@gmail.com with your request to view the document prior to signing it. You will be sent a link and a password.

The Complaint was filed on August 7, 2014 and is still awaiting assessment for acceptance into the complaints process. We are working to find someone with knowledge of the UN bureaucracy who is sympathetic to our cause and can help to draw the UN’s attention to our issues.

Our “domestic avenues” have been exhausted. We must seek justice on the international stage.

Deadline to add your signature is December 12, 2017!!

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