Trump Attack on Canadian (and other) Privacy

Well, the attack on privacy under U.S. President Trump didn’t take long. Just five days after taking office, Trump signed an Executive Order eliminating privacy protections for foreigners.

President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on domestic safety, released yesterday, has enormous implications for the privacy of everyone living outside the United States. For Canadians, the order should raise significant concerns about government data shared with U.S. authorities as well as the collection of Canadian personal information by U.S. agencies. Given the close integration between U.S. and Canadian agencies – as well as the fact that Canadian Internet traffic frequently traverses into the U.S. – there are serious implications for Canadian privacy. Moreover, the order will raise major concerns in the European Union, creating the possibility of restrictions on data transfers as it seemingly kills the Privacy Shield compromise.

There doesn’t seem to be much security of data in the U.S. with 64% of Americans affected by a major data breach

Plus, U.S. border agents are demanding social media information from Muslim Americans and asking foreigners for their social media handles.

It’s happening and it’s scary.

Welcome to TrumpLand.

3 thoughts on “Trump Attack on Canadian (and other) Privacy

  1. Lynne Swanson Post author

    Do you really think this will not apply to those who are dual citizens in Canada and other countries? I doubt if the Trump Brigade will protect Americans living outside TrumpLand.

    I especially think the Trumpers will target those who renounced or relinquished US citizenship–considering us traitors or worse.

    1. maz57

      I don’t think it will really matter whether a person lost their US citizenship or not. All who leave have been targets right from the very beginning. Even if you keep your US citizenship when you move away from the Fatherland you are branded a traitor and a tax cheat starting the day you leave. The US tax code is proof enough of this. If that’s not convincing enough, how about having to register with the “Financial Crimes Enforcement Network” every year?

      Phil Hodgen figured it out a number of years ago when he said; “Get out now, while the getting is still semi-good”. Its gotten steadily worse since he offered that advice and I see absolutely no sign it will get any better in our lifetimes. They have totally lost their minds down there. Mentally, I am fully prepared to never set foot in that place again.

  2. George III

    “Trump’s move, in a wide-ranging order on immigration enforcement issued Wednesday, marks a break from a policy dating to the administration of George W. Bush that had extended some Privacy Act protections to immigrants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. That included students, foreign workers, asylum seekers and undocumented people such as those known as “dreamers” who were brought to the United States as children.”

    FATCA only applies to USA citizen, USA resident and Green carder living in USA. If you are still a USA citizen in Canada you are not effected by this ruling. But you still have to deal with FATCA


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