Seeking Canadian Witness for Canadian FATCA IGA Lawsuit Who Has Renounced and Paid U.S. “Exit Tax”

Are you a Canadian citizen and resident and have you renounced U.S. citizenship and have paid or are subject to the U.S. Exit Tax (IRS 877A)? [No, I do not mean the $2350 fee.]

If so, we ask you to consider being a Witness in our Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit.

You might have renounced U.S, citizenship but own a now valuable house in Toronto/Vancouver/London etc. and have (because interest rates are now very low) a very valuable pension — and had to pay a U.S. exit tax.

Information on the exit tax and examples of the exit tax can be found at the site.

We are specifically seeking as a possible Witness in our Canadian FATCA IGA lawsuit a person who:

Has renounced and has paid an exit tax (the ideal witness);

— Has renounced and will be subject to exit tax;

— Is intending to renounce and know that they will have to pay exit tax; and

— Cannot afford to renounce because they have no way of paying the exit tax

Again, the person likely affected will be one who happens to own a now valuable home in Vancouver etc. that has appreciated markedly over the years and a company pension for which the cashed out value of the entire pension (NOT the monthly distribution) is sizable. Typically, only the pension company can accurately calculate the value of your pension.

The U.S. demands in the exit tax a percentage of your Canadian-made assets as punishment for renouncing.

If interested, email me at:

Your name and situation will be made public in a submission to the Federal Court of Canada.

One thought on “Seeking Canadian Witness for Canadian FATCA IGA Lawsuit Who Has Renounced and Paid U.S. “Exit Tax”

  1. WhiteKat

    @CanadianGinny, Over at IBS, you wrote:

    “And for the last time ( hopefully) we three plaintiffs do not consider ourselves brave. What we are is defiant and determined….
    My theory is: we do this for all, not just ourselves. I could have remained a little more hidden…. In another life, I might have but I just have the particular kind of personality that compels me to do this or else I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

    Ginny, despite your protests, along with “defiant and determined”, you are brave(or perhaps fearless is a more fitting word), not to mention selfless: “we do this for all, not just ourselves.” Although like yourself, I interviewed with the case lawyers for role of plaintiff, I felt neither selfless nor fearless, mostly just really disillusioned and angry that my own government was not there to protect Canadians like me.

    My friend Ginny, we don’t talk offline anymore like we used to, but I wanted to make sure you know that I (like so many others) am grateful you were born into this life with that unique “personality that compels [you] to do this or else [you] wouldn’t be able to live with [yourself]”.

    Thank you, and Gwen and Kazia for all your personal sacrifices. I hope you find that witness soon!


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