Is U.S. Treasury Secretary Nominee A Real Tax Cheat?

Hmmm. Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary failed to disclose $100 million in assets and “forgot” to mention his corporation in the Cayman Islands.

Don’t worry. Steven Mnuchin assured U.S. Senate it was all “a simple mistake made amid a mountain of bureaucracy.” His “oversight..was unintentionsal.”

Mr. Mnuchin says

Filling out these forms is quite complicated.

He insisted he does pay all his taxes. I wonder if he shares the view of Trump that a billionaire not paying taxes “makes (him) smart.”

I suspect Mr. Mnuchin doesn’t like FATCA very much–if he even knows what it is. He does want to make things simpler.

“I would support changing the tax laws to make sure they are simpler and more effective.”

So dare we hope he would actually bring forward the Republican resolutions to repeal FATCA and move to residence-based taxation?

26 thoughts on “Is U.S. Treasury Secretary Nominee A Real Tax Cheat?

  1. Sidhu

    Guyz just a quick question.I am not fbar compliant and lied to the bank about tt I am us person so if I just give up my green card and don’t file 8854 and don’t ever come to Usa should I be fine or do the Ovpd and pay 400k penalties which I didn’t know at the time I signed I was not a us person that it was actually a law?


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