When it’s all said and done: All roads lead to renunciation

The bottom line is that Dr. Stephen Kish – Chair of the Alliance For The Defence of Canadian Sovereignty and plaintiff in the Bopp FATCA Lawsuit, has formally renounced U.S. citizenship. He performed this act in Iceland which is the final resting place of Robert James Fischer – one of the most famous and well known cases of U.S. citizenship relinquishment.

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3 thoughts on “When it’s all said and done: All roads lead to renunciation

  1. Schubert

    Congratulations, but condolences as well, since I believe this isn’t what you wanted to have to do when you started on this FATCA journey. But for a lot of people who have dual citizenship with the US but reside and have made their lives in another country, it’s the only thing choice that ultimately makes sense for them and their families. Which is a pathetic comment on the US, the IRS, FATCA, Congress, and the mentality of far too many “homeland” Americans, politicians, and media.

  2. Lynne Swanson

    Congratulations Stephen. What an adventure to go to Iceland to renounce American citizenship. What a travesty that you had to do that.

    I certainly hope that you do not follow Bobby Fischer’s lead and make Iceland your final resting place. We need you back in Canada!


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