“We should have wined and dined the CRA”

Baby Elle’s Nana e-mailed me

“Maybe instead of raising money for a court challenge we should have used the money to wine and dine the CRA.”

Then she gave me the link to CRA execs treated to soirees at private club amid KPMG Probe.

As a retired Human Resources Manager in the public sector, I can tell you this is a very clear conflict of interest and a violation of employment standards and policies.

Even though my experience was in provincial public service, I know ther are very similar standards in the federal public service.

It seems CRA knew about it and simply justified it by saying the employees who attended were not connected to the KPMG case,

As the co-founder of Democracy Watch pointed out, that is irrelevant.

Yet, employees were not only invited–they were REQUIRED to attend. WHAT?!?

That may mean the employees who attended will not be disciplined. But whoever required them to attend should face serious consequences. Why do I suspect they won’t

These are the same folks who think it’s just fine and dandy to FATCA us.

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